17 April 2014

Recommendation for the Use of Certification Systems by INRO

Success of INRO Activity Depends on Extension According to European Level


INRO is not pursuing the installation of its own certification scheme. Instead, the initiative aims at developing comprehensive criteria to assess good practice of existing and future biomass sustainability certification systems.

The adoption of the INRO criteria by existing certification systems depends on sufficient customer demand for sustainable biomass. In order to achieve a critical mass of demand to establish the INRO criteria set on the market, joint action with other European partners is necessary. INRO, as German institution, cannot achieve this goal alone. The commercial activities of supporting companies in the European market are critical for the success of the INRO activity – which must be extended to European level accordingly.

Only those certification systems for biomass have been considered that are currently used by INRO member companies.

The comparison with INRO Criteria 2/2013 adopted by INRO on 04/10/2013 and with Quality Criteria for Certification Systems 3/2013 adopted by INRO on 19/6/2013 serve as basis.

INRO currently recommends the following certification systems:

• ISCC and ISCC+



• Rainforest Alliance (SAN)

• Bonsucre

• RedCert (only in Europe)

Additional systems can be adopted after being reviewed.

Source: INRO, press release (Decision INRO 5/2014), 2014-04-10.


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