19 Juli 2012

Purac’s PLA Offers Wide Opportunities for Durable Applications as Replacement to PS, PP

Purac working towards a sustainable green future with organic PLA article

Purac, a Dutch Lactide producer with 80 years of experience in Lactic Acid production, has earned the reputation of a reliable, expert partner with a high quality, innovative product portfolio. Over the last decade, their R&D efforts have focused on the development of high quality Lactides for PLA (Poly Lactic Acid). This has resulted in the launch of their PURALACT® product line; enabling PLA homopolymers with performance qualities to rival some of the most established and trusted plastics in use today.

PLA Reaching Increasingly High Performance Levels
The performance properties of today’s commercially available PLA varies greatly, and for certain applications such as disposables, low heat applications and some forms of packaging, this was not a critical hurdle. However, in order to offer biobased PLA as a viable option for durable or high heat applications, performance had to be improved and consistently reliable. “While we were encouraged by the increased production of biobased disposables across the globe, we felt that it was time for brand owners and producers to recognize the value of biobased PLA in their durable applications”, says François de Bie, Marketing Director at Purac Bioplastics. “For example, automotive components, carpets, all types of demanding consumer and lifestyle products”.

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Tags: pure L and D Lactide, PLA homopolymers, biobased PLA coffee cups, sustainable bioplastic, oxo-degradable plastics

Source: SpecialChem, 2012-07-18.


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