4 März 2013

Promiscuous enzymes may be recruited to aid industry, medical fields

AgriLife researchers hope to learn more about "structural and catalytic properties" of proteins

Enzymes in cells normally perform only one job, but a new study by a Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist might figure out how to recruit enzymes for other jobs to benefit medical fields and industry.

“We know that enzymes usually have one biological function in a cell, but many are capable of doing something quite different, when given substrate molecules – those at the beginning of a chemical reaction – that they don’t normally encounter,” said Dr. Margy Glasner, AgriLife Research biochemist in College Station.

… Full text: today.agrilife.org/2013/03/04/promiscuous-enzymes-may-be-recruited-to-aid-industry-medical-fields/

Tags: mutations, environment, new function, protein, chemical reaction, bacteria

Source: AgriLife Today, 2013-03-04.


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