13 März 2013

Profish Doubles up on Sustainability

Brand new packaging with Plantic eco PlasticTM trays achieves a new sustainable peak

  • Plantic Technologies launches Plantic eco PlasticTM for fresh fish with a commercial supply agreement with Profish

  • Profish now add sustainable packaging to their already sustainably sourced fresh fish
  • New trays have amazing environmental credentials – with half the carbon footprint and half the energy
    used during its lifecycle compared to oil based plastics.
  • Ultra-High barrier performance of Plantic eco PlasticTM keeps products fresher and at peak quality for

Brendan Morris, CEO of Plantic Technologies Ltd has announced a new commercial supply agreement between Plantic Technologies Ltd, an international supplier of bioplastics, and Profish Food BV, Netherlands, a sourcing agent, processor and distributor of quality fresh fish.

The new relationship brings the unique high performance and environmentally sustainable Plantic eco PlasticTM trays to the European retail fish pack market. Plantic eco PlasticTM is designed to improve the carbon footprint and energy requirements of fresh food packaging. Up to 80% of the product is made from commercially grown natural raw materials that are certified as bio-based renewable material.

Mr Morris noted that the ultra-high barrier performance of Plantic eco PlasticTM trays aims to keep products fresher and at peak quality for longer and this is a great fit for the high quality fish packs from Profish. It is a milestone for both barrier packaging and green business innovation.

Managing Director of Profish, Frank Schreur is pleased to be able to further enhance the sustainable credentials of Profish products. He explains “For many years we have sourced and packed sustainable fish and now we are doubling up by using sustainable trays”

Profish is the first European fish company to adopt Plantic’s eco PlasticTM technology. Freddy Kappert, Profish’s Key Account Manager, said the partnership was another example of the Profish drive for innovation and quality. “By leading the market to adopt the use of Plantic eco PlasticTM we bring our customers the unique mix of performance and environmental benefits” he says.

“The Plantic eco PlasticTM tray is a quality product that generates real business and environmental benefits, and Profish will continue to look at other opportunities to expand the use of these trays as our business grows,” Mr Kappert said.

According to Mr Morris, the environmental impact of switching to Plantic eco PlasticTM is significant.

“Our life cycle assessment shows that, over the course of 12 months, the impact of adopting Plantic eco PlasticTM trays begins to add up – each 100MT of eco PlasticTM used in place of oil based polymers will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting 42,100 trees or taking 130 cars off the road. It would also save enough electricity to power over 70 homes for a whole year,” he said.

Plantic eco PlasticTM has been designed to meet the growing world demand for a more sustainable approach to plastics technology, based on a high content of renewable material that reduces carbon emissions and delivers exceptional performance characteristics. The benefits are compelling and Plantic eco PlasticTM is the first packaging product globally to contain up to 80% renewable content, using up to 50% less energy compared to conventional polymers, and delivering ultra high barrier performance. Plantic eco PlasticTM requires no investment in new processing or packaging technology and is a drop-in replacement for a range of traditional plastics used in high-barrier packaging. Profish is one of the first European customers to sign up for the revolutionary product, benefiting from the environmental qualities which include reduced carbon emissions and enhanced product freshness.

“In an increasingly carbon-conscious world, we are well positioned to meet a market need for a superior packaging offering that protects food quality, reduces waste and is more environmentally sustainable” said Mr Morris.

About Plantic Technologies Limited
Plantic Technologies is based in Australia, where its head office, principal manufacturing, and research and development facilities are located. The company also has manufacturing operations in Germany and sales offices in the United States and United Kingdom.
Plantic’s globally unique patented polymer technology is based on the use of high-amylose corn starch, a material derived from annual harvesting of specialized non-GM (hybrid) corn and supplied by Corn Products International.
Plantic Technologies Ltd is headquartered in Melbourne Australia with regional offices located in the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom. The company provides a broad range of products in the barrier packaging sector and is supplying major supermarket customers on three continents in applications such as fresh case ready beef, pork, lamb and veal, smoked and processed meats, chicken and fresh pasta applications.
Plantic Technologies has won numerous international awards for their innovation in biodegradable plastics including DuPont’s Global Award for Innovation in 2006.

About Profish Food B.V.
Profish Food is a service oriented family business with over twenty years’ experience in the supply of pre-packed fresh fish to the retail and wholesale trade in the Netherlands and beyond. We purchase our raw materials directly at the source. Through this market focused sourcing, we know exactly where our fish comes from. This makes it rather important and also reliable! In our spacious production locations in Twello and Almelo (The Netherlands), we process and package fish using the latest techniques. We attach a lot of value to the quality and sustainability of our products and are BRC, IFS, MSC, ASC, Global G.A.P. and Bio/Skal certified. Also in the future we will be continuing to maintain our important innovative role in the field of (fish) specialities.

Profish Food is a progressive company and is constantly looking for new concepts and ideas.

Source: Plantic Technologies Ltd, press release, 2013-03-13.


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