11 Juli 2012

Policies must do more to support sustainable biomass

NNFCC estimates growth in bioenergy and bioplastics markets will use some 130 million hectares of land until 2030

Biomass is playing an increasingly important role in the EU’s low carbon economy, but we are running out of time to ensure that policies support rather than prevent its sustainable use, says Dr Matthew Aylott. Dr Matthew Aylott is a science writer for NNFCC, a specialist bio-based economy consulting firm which acts as an advisor to the UK government.

“As a source of energy, biomass can be used to meet peak demand in national electricity grids. It is also our only low carbon ‘drop in’ alternative to natural gas and liquid transport fuels. And as a source of chemical building blocks it provides a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics and products.

However, we are in real danger of pushing ahead with policies that don’t support the efficient use of biomass and this is putting pressure on valuable resources, like water, fertiliser and land.

… Full text: www.euractiv.com/energy-efficiency/policies-support-sustainable-bio-analysis-513827

Tags: bioenergy, biofuels, biomass feedstock, sustainability

Source: EurActiv.com, 2012-07-11.


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