9 März 2006

Poland Increases Biofuel Production

Polish fuel producers have begun to invest heavily in biofuels. PKN Orlen-owned Rafineria Trzebinia refinery, which launched bio-components production last year, will be joined by Solvent Dwory, Elstar Oils and Biopal in 2006.

As a result, the production of rapeseed esters will treble and reach 200,000 tonnes. In 2007, production will further increase, with new companies investing in biofuels. The plans provide for a production level of 1m tonnes, which requires 2m tonnes of rapeseed. Since rapeseed crops in 2005 amounted to 1.2m tonnes, it is more than likely that the industry will suffer from a shortage of the plant.

Poland’s biofuel-rush is a consequence of the EU directive forcing the country to achieve a 5.75-percent level of bio-additives in fuels used in transport by 2010. The Economy Ministry is considering introducing legislation stipulating a minimum bio-component content in fuels of 5 percent.

Source: soyatech.com March 08, 2006.

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