14 März 2012

Plexiglas® Rnew Bio-based Acrylic Resins from Arkema Surpass Performance of Traditional PMMA Products

Arkema will introduce the technology behind the newly developed bio-based resins alloys at the upcoming BioPlastek 2012 Forum

Arkema Inc. will introduce the technology behind its Plexiglas® Rnew bio-based acrylic resins at the upcoming BioPlastek 2012 Forum to be held March 28-30, 2012 in Arlington, VA.

Plexiglas® Rnew bio-based resins exhibit properties that often exceed the performance of traditional PMMA engineering resins, including acrylic or biopolymer components alone. In particular, impact properties, chemical resistance, and processability are significantly enhanced.
Currently, material performance is often sacrificed in the transition from petro-derived polymers to those with higher bio-based content. Blending bio-based and conventional polymers, for example, often fails to significantly enhance material performance, which limits opportunities especially in durable product applications.

Plexiglas® Rnew blends, on the other hand, actually benefit from the incorporation of a biopolymer in a standard petro-derived resin formulation and offers exceptional performance for both transparent and opaque durable goods. Wide Variety of Applications
The Plexiglas® Rnew bio-based acrylic resin formulations can be custom tailored for a wide variety of applications and are especially well suited for use in durable applications.

Arkema will discuss the technology behind the bio-based acrylic resins on March 29, 2012 at the BioPlastek 2012 Forum as part of an educational session titled “Advances in ‘New-to-the-World’ Bioplastics for Durables.” The high performance bio-based resin will also be featured at the Arkema display table in the Forum’s exhibition area.
Plexiglas® Rnew bio-based resins are manufactured by Altuglas International, an Arkema Group that has developed and marketed Plexiglas® acrylic resin and sheet for over 75 years. For more information on Plexiglas® Rnew bio-based acrylic resins, visit www.plexiglas.com/rnew

About Arkema
A global chemical company and France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema
is building the future of the chemical industry every day. Deploying a responsible, innovation-based approach, it produces state-of-the-art specialty chemicals that provide practical solutions to such challenges as climate change, access to drinking water, the future of energy, fossil fuel preservation, and the need for lighter materials. With operations in more than 40 countries, 14,000 employees and eight research centers, Arkema generates annual revenue of €5.8 billion and holds leadership positions in all
of its markets with a portfolio of internationally recognized brands.

About Altuglas International
Altuglas International, a business unit of Arkema, is a global leader in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), manufacturing approximately 25% of the world’s PMMA. The company employs 1,300 professionals and operates nine production facilities in six countries. It markets its acrylic resins and sheet under the Plexiglas® brand in the Americas and Altuglas® in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Plexiglas® and Altuglas® are registered trademarks of Arkema.

Source: Arkema, 2012-03-14.


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