6 Dezember 2012

Plant-based plastics ‘no panacea’, Greens warn

Industry chief: 'In the long run, there is no alternative to bioplastics'

The world’s largest drinks companies, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, have laid down ambitious plans to roll out 100% plant-based plastic bottles across the globe, triggering warnings from environmentalists who see a parallel with the ongoing controversy over biofuels.

Food and drinks companies are engaged in a global race for leadership on plant-based renewable plastics.
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Tags: switch grass, pine bark, corn husks, agricultural byproducts, PlantBottle, HDPE, PET, sustainability, biofuels, deforestation, and use changes, food waste, green panacea, bio-economy

Source: EurActiv, 2012-12-06.


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