2 Juli 2008

Pipet reloading system based on Mirel bioplastics

Metabolix Announces that Mirel Bioplastics is Chosen by Labcon for New Laboratory Liquid Handling System

Metabolix, Inc. announced that Telles™, its joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland Company that produces Mirel™ bioplastics, has entered into an agreement to supply Mirel bioplastic resin to Labcon North America, a leading manufacturer of laboratory supplies, for the production of its new Pagoda pipet reloading system.

art_newpagoda.gif“Labcon’s product launch demonstrates business equipment as one of our strategic short term applications for which Mirel will be utilized,” said Bob Findlen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Telles. “This very complicated part demonstrates the versatility and ease with which Mirel can be used for injection molding applications. Until today, bioplastics in general have had limited capability in injection molding applications.”

Labcon North America is a leading provider of disposable plastic laboratory products, supplying more than 800 products globally, and manufacturing over a billion units a year. The new Labcon Pagoda reloading system utilizes Mirel for the injection molded tray that holds the pipets in place. Mirel is biobased and biodegradable, which means the product tray can now be composted at the end of its useful life.

Jim Happ, President of Labcon, said: “There has been growing concern within our industry that the disposal of traditional plastics is too wasteful. We can now offer customers the opportunity to lower their carbon footprint with our Pagoda line of products and many have indicated that they will switch to our new products made from renewable resources. We envision this as the first of many products in our Pagoda line that will utilize Mirel.”

“Labcon previously supplied conventional plastic trays that were thrown away or reclaimed through Labcon’s recycle program. Now we are planning to launch a composting program to complement this initiative,” said Happ.

“Labcon selected Mirel for its improved physical properties, heat and chemical resistance, durability, and dimensional stability,” said Tom Moulton, director of marketing of Labcon. “These physical properties are essential features for Labcon applications.”

Source: Biobasednews.com, 2008-07-01.


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