31 Mai 2011

Philippines: Calapan City bans plastic and styrofoam

Non-biodegradable plastic bags banned starting July

The island province of Oriental Mindoro is really determined to do its part in environmental protection program and campaign against global warning. After prohibiting the transport of wood charcoal out of the province, this city has announced that it will ban the use of plastic bags and styrofoams starting July.

Dubbed as “Ordinance Prohibiting the Use and Sale of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags and Styrofoams as Bagging and Packaging Materials for Dry and Wet Goods”, the measure aims to regulate, if not totally eliminate, the use of non-biodegradable plastic and styrofoam for its destructive impact on the environment. The ordinance instead orders the use of biodegradable packaging and bagging materials in all public and private markets here.

According to Calapan City Vice-Mayor Jojo Perez, the passage of the new city measure is the city government’s share in global protectionism and is also part of the “Green Calapan” program of Mayor Doy Leachon. “It is high time that we take serious step if we want to stop nature’s destruction,” said Perez, noting the pressing problem of waste disposal in Calapan City. The ordinance was co-authored by City Councilors Aselo M. Agua, chairman of the SP committee on environment; and Carlos Voltaire S. Brucal, chairman of the city council’s committee on laws.

Source: philstar.com, 2011-05-31.


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