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18 Dezember 2020

India to gradually move towards alternative fuels: Oil secretary Tarun Kapoor

“The plan is to reach a level in major cities where diesel vehicles will be ultimately eliminated to be replaced by affordable and accessible Compressed Natural Gas (CNG),” Kapoor said

Inside the Port of Antwerp’s NextGen District, a new global hub set to accelerate the growth of the circular economy

The closing of a General Motors factory in 2010 created a space for those working to transition to a sustainable and climate neutral society

Gleistein switches its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to bio-based Dyneema® fibres

World’s first rope manufacturer to take this step towards a more sustainable future

Gleistein stellt gesamtes Produktprogramm mit Dyneema® auf bio-based Dyneema®-Fasern um

Erster Seilhersteller der Welt geht diesen Schritt in Richtung einer nachhaltigen Zukunft

Simão Soares, CEO of SilicoLife, is the Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2020

The most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2020 is Simão Soares, CEO of SilicoLife, the Portuguese company founded in 2010 which designs optimized microorganisms

17 Dezember 2020

Batteries, plastics, renewable raw materials: new ideas for the circular economy

BASF aims to double its sales generated with solutions for the circular economy to €17 billion

Batterien, Kunststoffe und nachwachsende Rohstoffe: Neue Ideen für die Kreislaufwirtschaft

Bis zum Jahr 2030 will BASF den Umsatz mit Lösungen für die Kreislaufwirtschaft auf 17 Milliarden Euro verdoppeln

IndianOil, DBT and LanzaTech pioneer Technology to convert CO2 to Bio-Diesel and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Carbon recycling will bring in the dual benefits of increased access to green energy and affordable nutrition to all

Bioökonomie als globaler Trend

Gemeinsame Botschaft: Die Bioökonomie hat in den vergangenen Jahren bedeutende Fortschritte auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Wirtschaft gemacht

The Green Hydrogen Catapult aims for $2/kg H2 and needs $110 billion, if you’ve any to spare

New report from the Hydrogen Council has focused on a pricing tipping point where green hydrogen and its derivatives will become economically competitive

Europe’s CBD Conundrum

Europe struggles to regulate CBD, while the UN votes to reclassify cannabis for medical use

TOP Pascrell, Fitzpatrick Introduce Green Bill to Boost Renewable Chemicals, Phase-Out Fossil Fuels

Bipartisan legislation will provide tax credits for the production of renewable chemicals

EU taxonomy should be led by science to drive sustainable investment

Meeting climate goals requires the rapid realignment and mobilisation of finance at a massive scale

16 Dezember 2020

Total Corbion PLA appoints Thomas Philipon, new CEO and Chiel Rietvelt, new CFO to drive next phase of growth

Significant next step in the company’s growth and another demonstration of the commitment to driving the growth of the bioplastics industry

Total Corbion PLA: Thomas Philipon ist neuer CEO – Chiel Rietvelt ist neuer CFO

Klares Zeichen für die Ambition und das Engagement von Total Corbion PLA, das Wachstum des Biokunststoffmarktes weiter zu unterstützen

Using lignin for greener asphalt

New project using lignin extracted from black liquor as a binding agent in asphalt

Blue Alp: Neue Anlage produziert Öl aus Kunststoffabfall

Extruder von battenfeld-cincinnati schmilzt und entgast Agglomerat aus Altkunstoff

Driving hydrogen mobility forward in Europe

During European Hydrogen Week, stakeholders discussed the achievements of EU-funded flagship projects advancing hydrogen technology in the transport sector

Wasserstoffmobilität in Europa voranbringen

Im Rahmen der Europäischen Wasserstoffwoche besprachen die teilnehmenden Interessengruppen die bisherigen Errungenschaften EU-finanzierter Vorzeigeprojekte zur Förderung der Wasserstofftechnologie im Verkehrssektor

Zelcor Summer School 2021 – 2nd edition – Postponed to 8-11 February online

Zero waste biorefineries: value chain approach, methods, and processes for lignin upgrading

Amazon Bans Certain Chemicals and Plastics in Food Packaging

Company said "we are committed to developing high-quality and affordable private-brand products that customers love"

Evonik to acquire Birmingham-based LACTEL® Absorbable Polymers from DURECT Corporation

LACTEL® brand of biodegradable, PLGA-based polymers to be integrated into Evonik’s Health Care business

Industry eyes $1B California recycling plan to stop plastics tax

A coalition of industry groups is drafting a $1 billion, business-funded recycling plan for California

15 Dezember 2020

TOP Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021: One of six nominated new technologies or applications will be awarded this title!

From cellulose-based foam for packaging over plastic-free menstrual pads to EMI shielding materials, the nominated six applications can help build a sustainable economy

Plant-based and recyclable plastic bottles now enabled with VTT’s new FDCA technology using citrus peel as raw material

Carbon footprint of plastic bottles can be lowered by 50% when replacing their raw material of PET with PEF polymers

Umweltfreundliche Uferbefestigung aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen im Praxistest am Rhein

Pflanzenwurzeln könnten Uferstreifen genauso gut schützen wie Steinwälle und tragen außerdem zur Biodiversität bei

€7.5 million grant from National Programme Groningen confirmed

Avantium getting support for the construction of a 5 kilotonnes FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid) flagship plant, to be built in Delfzijl, Netherlands

Kreislaufwirtschaft: Dopper-Trinkflaschen jetzt Cradle-to-Cradle-zertifiziert

Komplettes Sortiment ab sofort recycel- oder biologisch abbaubar

Consumer Trend: Food Waste Among Materials Harvested in H&M’s Latest Collection

New level of waste-upcycling with a line of clothing and accessories created from materials, including food waste, that had been destined for the trash bin

Chemical recycling should be seen as a last resort, EU official says

European Commission sees chemical recycling as a promising way of dealing with plastic waste - after prevention, reuse, and mechanical recycling processes

Porsche and Siemens Energy, with partners, advance climate-neutral eFuels development

In the pilot phase, around 130,000 litres of eFuels will be produced as early as 2022

Porsche und Siemens Energy treiben mit Partnern die Entwicklung klimaneutraler eFuels voran

In der Pilotphase werden in der Großanlage bereits 2022 etwa 130.000 Liter eFuels erzeugt

Biobased Zero-Calorie Sweetener: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Amyris

Check out this slide guide from Jim Iacoponi of Amyris on how they get it done

14 Dezember 2020

BASF and BillerudKorsnäs cooperate to develop unique home-compostable paper laminate for flexible packaging

As all parts of the multi-layer laminate are food-contact approved, it can be used to produce wraps with individually adjusted barrier properties

Gemeinsame Entwicklung von BASF und BillerudKorsnäs: einzigartiges, heim-kompostierbares Papierlaminat für flexible Verpackungen

Da alle Bestandteile des Mehrschichtlaminats für den Lebensmittelkontakt zugelassen sind, kann es zur Herstellung von Verpackungen mit individuell angepaßten Barriereeigenschaften verwendet werden

Biopolymer specialist Teysha Technologies urges cosmetic companies to move to green polymers

Teysha Technologies to discuss the use of its biodegradable biopolymers as an additive to reduce environmentally damaging microplastics

Stroh statt Styropor: Aiwangers Agenda für Bioökonomie

Erdöl als Basis für viele Produkte des Alltags kann schon heute zum Teil durch nachwachsende Rohstoffe ersetzt werden. Auch Bayern will hier stärker in den Umbau der Wirtschaft investieren - sowohl in der Forschung wie auch in der Anwendung

Unique virtual gathering of bioplastics industry at 15th EUBP Conference

Bio-based and compostable plastics playing a big role in the European Union’s efforts to achieve a green circular economy

CO2: Raus aus der Luft und ab in den Untergrund

Climeworks lässt durch die Schnellkonstruktion seiner neuen Großanlage ORCA die großdimensionierte Direct Air Capture und CO2-Entfernung weiter Realität werden

The rapid construction of Climeworks’ new direct air capture and storage plant Orca has started

Climeworks continues to make large-scale carbon dioxide removal a reality with the rapid construction of its new direct air capture and storage plant Orca

PtX-Projekt „Haru Oni“: Altmaier übergibt ersten Förderbescheid für internationales Projekt für grünen Wasserstoff

Pilotvorhaben der Industrie in Partnerländern können grünen Wasserstoff und seine Folgeprodukte effizient und kostengünstig erzeugen

More R&D Activities Open Up Lignin’s Feedstock Potential

Innovative products derived from lignin range from chemical building blocks such as BTX aromatics to material for advanced applications in technical fields

Cargill, IFPEN and Axens collaborate to advance lactic-to-acrylic-acid technology

The effort will focus on commercializing the P&G company’s lactic-to-acrylic-acid technology

Huggies launches biodegradable baby wipes in step towards plastic-free goal

Kimberly-Clark owned brand Huggies has launched its first biodegradable product - baby wipes which break down in landfill conditions within 15 days

11 Dezember 2020

Compostability and biodegradability of products under the microscope

WESSLING France inaugurates new laboratory with innovative services

Kompostierbarkeit und biologische Abbaubarkeit von Produkten unter dem Mikroskop

WESSLING France weiht neues Labor mit innovativen Leistungen ein

Kaffeekapseln: Was Verbraucher sich künftig erwarten

Aktuelle Studien zeigen: Die meisten Kapsel-User würden heimkompostierbare Kapseln bevorzugen. Eine Riesenchance für die deutsche Innovation SUNCIRCLE HOMEcap

Toraphene to launch world’s first graphene-reinforced bioplastic

New material is stronger, thinner, and less permeable than alternatives, and improves food safety and shelf-life

Danimer Scientific/PSI-Sidaplax: Bio-basierte Folien für heimkompostierbare Folien

Neue Folien sollen für eine breite Palette von Anwendungen in den Bereichen Einzelhandel, Verpflegung und anderen Segmenten entwickelt werden

New developments in the field of PHA

Webinar Lector platform Biobased Economy