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3 März 2021

TECNARO EU Projekt – SWEETWOODS Bioraffinerie produziert erste Tonnen hochreines Lignin

Das EU Projekt SWEETWOODS hat seine ersten Meilensteine erreicht. Es stehen Proben von hochreinem Lignin und Holzzucker im Tonnenmaßstab zur Verfügung

VESTAMID® Terra outdoor: Pioneers in green pants

By winter 2021, half of VAUDE's new collection will be made from renewable or recycled raw materials

Biobasierte Kunststoff-Verpackungen

Verpackungslösungen aus Kunststoff können durchaus nachhaltig sein – und gleichzeitig die hohen Anforderungen in der Nahrungsmittel- und Pharmaindustrie erfüllen

Shifting to a sustainable and circular textile consumption – where to start?

From 5.8 million tonnes of textile waste per year to sustainable and circular textile consumption in Europe

Chemists close in on greener way to make plastics

Conventional polyethylene production could one day be replaced by chemical reactors that rely on renewable energy and consume carbon dioxide

EU to set up new European Partnerships and invest nearly €10 billion for the green and digital transition

The goal is to speed up the transition towards a green, climate neutral and digital Europe, and to make European industry more resilient and competitive

Cow excrement tapped by town in Hokkaido for CO2-free power

An organic photochemistry professor at Osaka University, developed the technology, which produces methanol and formic acid that emits zero carbon dioxide (CO2)

2 März 2021

Shell accelerates drive for net-zero emissions with customer-first strategy

From today, Shell is integrating its strategy, portfolio, environmental and social ambitions under the goals of Powering Progress

Das KoNaRo feiert Geburtstag – 20 Jahre Forschung, Förderung und Beratung rund um Nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Jubiläumsjahr bietet eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen an, um die Bevölkerung über die Arbeit des KoNaRo und die aktuelle Entwicklung des Standorts zu informieren

New technology to transform plant materials into a wide range of products

Bloom Biorenewables develops biomass-based plastics

Marktanteil von Nawaro-Dämmstoffen wächst

Umfrage zum Einsatz biobasierter Baustoffe

NEXE Developing Compostable Single-Use Facemasks

Company has developed initial prototypes and will create a fully compostable disposable facemask that meets international healthcare standards in the coming months

New method converts methane in natural gas to methanol at room temperature

New discovery could potentially provide a cleaner energy source for many of our everyday activities

Braskem launched Dansko’s new line of EVA clogs made with I’m Green biopolymer

The Kane clog is the first Dansko product to be made with over 50% of Braskem's carbon negative I'm greenTM bio-based EVA

Biotechnologists developed an effective technology for nutrient biocapture from wastewater

The biomass obtained in the course of this process can be used as a fertilizer

1 März 2021

Bio-based polymers workshop on 29 March 2021: These 7 innovations bring us closer to a carbon-neutral economy

Atmospheric CO2 will keep on climbing higher and higher if we don’t stop using fossil resources. How to make the switch to renewable carbon instead? The free online workshop on 29 March will present seven options.

Braskem invests US$61 million to increase biopolymer production

Capacity of green ethylene will be increased from the current 200 kton/year to 260 kton/year

Braskem: 61 Mio. Dollar-Invest in Ausbau der Biopolymerproduktion

Kapazität zur Herstellung von grünem Ethylen, Grundstoff für Polyethylene aus erneuerbaren Quellen, wird signifikant erhöht

Commission gives the green light to the successor of BBI JU

European Commission agrees on successor public-private partnership with BIC

Wooden windows

We can make transparent wood with a relatively benign chemical treatment

„Lebende Plastikkugel“: FH-Absolvent entwickelt nachhaltigen Biokunststoff

Biotechnologe modifizierte Cyanobakterien derart, dass sie zu 80% aus Biokunststoff bestehen - und vielversprechende Anwendungsfelder eröffnen

Tetra Pak introduces certified recycled polymers

First company in the food and beverage packaging industry to be awarded the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) Advanced Products certification

Avantium in FDCA deal; releases 2030 Sustainability Plan

Avantium got the right to operate under Eastman’s FDCA-related patent portfolio and hopes together with others to establish a fossil-free chemical industry by 2050

Avantium acquires the right to use Eastman’s FDCA-related patent portfolio

The Company believes that this patent licence agreement further paves the way for the commercial production of FDCA and PEF from Avantium’s FDCA flagship plant

Building with CO2 technology becomes possible

Successful research into rigid polyurethane foam with carbon dioxide

Bauen mit CO2-Technologie wird möglich

Erfolgreiche Forschung zu Polyurethan-Hartschaum mit Kohlendioxid

Reductive Glycine Pathway: A Versatile Route for One-Carbon Biotech

This recent study concludes several reports in 2020 on the ATP-efficient, one-carbon-assimilating, rGlyP

26 Februar 2021

bioplastics MAGAZINE is celebrating its 15th Anniversary

Due to the pandemic we can't party. But we have a gift for you

Aus neu entwickelten Bastfaserhalbzeugen entsteht eine Blattfeder für ein Schmalspurbahn-Drehgestell

Publikation aus dem Projekt NF-CompPlus der Forschungsgruppe AG Biologische Werkstoffe als „Outstanding Paper“ der Fachzeitschrift Materials gewählt

BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense

Final conference (online event), 28 April (German) & 30 April (English)

ALPLA Group: 50 million euros a year for recycling

Expansion and globalisation of recycling activities to be expedited between now and 2025

ALPLA Group: jedes Jahr 50 Millionen Euro für Recycling

Bis 2025 werden Ausbau und Internationalisierung von Recyclingaktivitäten forciert

Jazz Pharmaceuticals to Acquire GW Pharmaceuticals plc, Creating an Innovative, High-Growth, Global Biopharma Leader

The deal is the largest to date in the medical cannabinoid field

Iren kaufen Cannabis-Firma für 7,2 Milliarden Dollar

Ein M&A-Deal im Milliardenformat rückt den Markt für Arzneimittel auf Basis von Cannabis in den Fokus: Das Geschäft fristet in der weltweiten Pharmaindustrie bislang ein Nischendasein - doch es wächst zusehends

Metsä Group builds a new bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland

The construction phase will take approximately two and a half years, and the mill will be completed during the third quarter of 2023

Termite gut microbes could aid biofuel production

Researchers have found that microbes from the guts of certain termite species can help break down lignin, a particularly tough polymer in straw

25 Februar 2021

TOP How to utilise CO2? The nominees for the innovation award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2021” have the answers!

Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) is one of the most obvious solutions to further reduce CO2 emissions, but it is yet still hardly exploited. However, these six nominated technologies turn CO2 into value: ethanol, methanol, polyols, surfactants or syngas – the audience will choose the winner at the “9th Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals”, 23–24 March 2021, online!

Lime Industry: Electrochaea Participates in Pioneering Project to Cut CO2 Emissions

World's largest CO2 reduction project of its kind launched

Kalkindustrie: Electrochaea beteiligt sich an richtungsweisendem Projekt zur CO‐Einsparung

Weltweit größtes Projekt seiner Art zur CO2‐Einsparung gestartet

Auf einen Blick: Alle Leistungen des Ökosystems Wald

Infografik der FNR verdeutlicht Erwartungen der Gesellschaft an die nachhaltige Waldbewirtschaftung

CAKE launches Anti-Poaching Bushbike KALK AP with Trifilon biocomposites

Trifilon’s lightweight and robust biocomposites were selected for all of the KALK AP’s plastic components - modified to deal with extreme temperatures, and sealed to ward-off dust damage

Frisches Kapital für BIO-LUTIONS

Das Cleantech-Start-up BIO-LUTIONS hat weitere 2,7 Mio. Euro eingeworben und kann nun den Ausbau der Produktion von nachhaltigen Verpackungen und Einwegprodukten weiter vorantreiben

Hydrogen Deployment Accelerating with More Than $300 Billion in Project Pipeline; Including $80 Billion in Mature Projects

New report shows significant volume of investment in hydrogen projects as well as policy and funding support as industry enters 2021

This startup by an Indonesian farmer produces ‘leather’ used in shoes and wallets without killing a single animal

MYCL cultivates mycelia (a type of fungus) along with sawdust to make a substitute for animal-based leather

Ay, there’s the rub! Functional Challenges and Opportunities for Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) External Analgesic Rubs

This article focuses on the reported benefits of topically applied hemp phytocannabinoids extracts including non-cannabinoid co-extracts

Europe pulls ahead in race for hydrogen, as global project pipeline grows: report

The European Union has made hydrogen a key plank in its aim to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

24 Februar 2021

Join our expert survey and evaluate the newly developed AFTERLIFE process for the extraction of value-added products from waste water!

As part of the EU funded project AFTERLIFE, we are conducting a survey on the socio-economic impact of our newly developed biotechnological process to improve the valorisation of wastewater and its resulting products.

nova experts introduced: Dr. Asta Partanen

Renewable materials, biocomposites, wood & cellulose, markets, marketing & consumer research, labelling & certification

Milliken joins GO!PHA, aims to drive adoption PHAs in single-use packaging applications

Company will bring to GO!PHA its expertise in polymer chemistry to help improve the processing, performance, aesthetics and other important attributes of PHA

Schäden durch „Plastikfasten“: Bärendienst für die Umwelt

Der BUND ruft vor Ostern zum Verzicht auf plastikverpackte Waren auf. Dabei sind Alternativen wie „grüne“ Pappe sogar noch umweltschädlicher