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8 September 2020

Toray launches new, environmentally-friendly nylon

New bio-based textile technologies such as Ecodear nylon, allow the company to reduce the amount of petroleum used in the fabric production supply chain

Bloom Biorenewables secures 2.9M€ fundraising to prove biomass valorization at pilot scale and signs partnership agreement with Yokogawa

Bloom’s patented mild lignin extraction method uses stabilizing molecules that prevent lignin (a major fraction in plants) from condensing during extraction

Renolit: Herstellung von Polymeren aus der Luft – Kooperation mit der Photanol BV

Neuartige Technologie arbeitet in einem direkten, vollständig zirkulären und CO2-neutralen Umwandlungsprozess ohne Verwendung von (fossilem) Öl und Gas

Industry representatives outline key credibility principles for new sustainability standard

Perstorp together with three leading industry representatives has outlined some key principles the new ISO standard needs to embrace for maximum credibility

A sweet way to transform biomass into renewable energy

The use of biomass to produce energy has increased significantly in recent years, supporting a growing bioeconomy across the world

Connecting Fiber Makers and Fiber Takers

Wood pellet producers face a difficult challenge in balancing fiber supply and wood pellet demand

285.000 Hektar Wald in Deutschland geschädigt

BMEL legt aktuelle Waldschadenszahlen vor – 40.000 Hektar mehr, als noch im Frühjahr erwartet

7 September 2020

TOP Bioeconomy worth 2.4 trillion EUR to the European economy as bio-based industries mark sizeable jump in turnover and bio-based share of chemicals reaches record high of 15%

Latest version of nova-Institute's market report for BIC "European Bioeconomy in Figures" covers the whole period from 2008 to 2017

Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels in cleaning products by 2030

Renewable sources of carbon are processed into useful ingredients to produce cleaning and laundry products

Green Chemicals Blog’s Comment: Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels in cleaning products by 2030

This new ambition is a core component of Unilever’s ‘Clean Future’, a ground-breaking innovation programme designed by the company’s Home Care division

Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water

Researchers team from the University of Cambridge made a significant step toward achieving artificial photosynthesis

Chemical recycling: the missing link in a closed and integrated value chain

Braskem is investing in research and production capabilities for feedstock recycling in order to remain at the forefront of technological development in this area

Ob Ernährung, Arbeit oder Freizeit: Forschende denken beim Design schon ans Recycling

FNR-Kooperationsprojekt zur Entwicklung eines Biokunststoffs für Lebensmittelverpackungen, die aus Polymilchsäure (PLA) und einer Beschichtung aus so genannten BioOrmoceren bestehen sollen

Gevo’s historic $900 million offtake deal with Trafigura Group

It is the largest project the company will have in its current configuration plan, and it’s certainly the largest deal we’ve ever seen for SAF and isooctane

The future of chemical recycling in tackling plastic waste

Chemical recycling technologies can be part of the solution since it can use waste plastic streams that currently have no or low value in recycling

A new tool to create chemical complexity from fatty acids

Hokkaido University WPI-ICReDD researchers developed a modular catalyst that can accurately modify fatty acid derivatives in a hitherto inaccessible position

Coalition releases new sustainable aviation fuel guide as industry moves to accelerate use of lower-carbon alternative

The new guide serves as an educational and informational resource about the practicalities of SAF development, industry adoption, and pending expansion of supply and use

4 September 2020

Project CARE: Rice husks provide clean electricity

Researchers are developing a promising sustainable alternative by using previously unused biomass for decentralized electricity production in Indonesia

Projekt CARE: Reisschalen liefern sauberen Strom

Forschungsverbund will bislang ungenutzte Biomasse für die dezentrale Stromproduktion in Indonesien einsetzen

Anthropogenic CO2 increase is unprecedented

New study from an European research team analyzed the Earth’s atmospheric composition between 330,000 and 450,000 years ago

BioEconomy HUB: Mit Bioökonomie den Strukturwandel gestalten

Kohlebergbau-Regionen stehen an einem Scheideweg: Grundsätzlicher Strukturwandel ist unausweichlich, um die Zukunft der betroffenen Bundesländer zu sichern

New Report: National Guidance for Plastic Pollution Hotspotting and Shaping Action

New Guidance document covering major types of plastic polymers and products, as well as their leakage and impacts along the full value chain

Chemical recycling or recovery? The circular economy hangs in the balance

Recent review of scientific and technological evidence highlights the limits of these technologies to deal with plastic waste

Revealed: How McLaren is pioneering the use of sustainable composites in F1

McLaren collaborates with Bcomp to develop F1's first natural fibre composite racing seat

FAO vegetable oil price index increased yet again

Chart of the week (34 2020)

FAO-Pflanzenölindex erneut gestiegen

Grafik der Woche (KW 34 2020)

3 September 2020

EU Innovation Council Invests € 17.5 Million in Electrochaea’s Power-to-Methane Technology

Important political signal for green methane gas as the largest and most sustainable energy storage option in Europe

EU-Innovationsrat investiert 17,5 Millionen Euro in Electrochaeas Power-to-Methan-Technologie

Wichtiges politisches Signal für grünes Methangas als größte und nachhaltigste Energiespeichermöglichkeit in Europa

Sulapac’s Nordic Collection: biodegradable and compostable cosmetics packaging

The creation of the new range builds on Quadpack's experience in fibre injection and bi-injection technologies

Gevo Exceeds $1.5B in Long-Term Revenue Contracts with Signing of Trafigura

Largest contract in Gevo’s history to develop the market for low-carbon fuels including low-carbon premium gasoline

FNR: Neuauflage der Broschüre „Biokunststoffe“

Übersicht zur Marktsituation, zu Produkten und Entsorgungswegen

Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, Rusheen Capital Management create development company ‘1PointFive’ to deploy Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture technology

1PointFive and Carbon Engineering have signed a licensing agreement enabling the commercial development of the world’s largest DAC facility

#Trending: Chemical recycling of plastics – the missing link in the puzzle to enhance plastics circularity

Collection & sorting of plastics waste is quite far from being at the required level and the recycled grades often don’t stand a chance against their low-cost virgin counterparts

Dyes from atmospheric CO2

Value creation by combining electrochemistry with biotechnology

Farbstoffe aus atmosphärischem CO2

Wertschöpfung durch Kombination von Elektrochemie mit Biotechnologie

Captain Canola – Yield10 Biosciences one step closer to canola feedstock superhero

How does the USDA-APHIS approval take Yield10 one step closer to becoming a leader in canola?

2 September 2020

TOP Chemical industry on the pathway to renewable carbon

This summer the first survey on renewable carbon in the chemical industry was conducted. 20 to 25% of the carbon supply is already renewable

Call for innovations – Apply now for the first award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year”

Deadline for submission: 30 November 2020

Global warming: EESC calls for new tax measures to reduce and remove CO2 from the atmosphere

EESC says, taxes on carbon dioxide emissions will not be enough and a new system is needed to reduce CO2 sufficiently

Sphere España: Neues Werk für Bio-Müllsäcke in Pedrola in Planung

Inbetriebnahme der neuen Anlagen für die Produktion der biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoffsäcke ist im Laufe des kommenden Jahres geplant

Spotlight on chemical recycling: Closing the loop in plastics recycling

To feed recycled plastic materials back into the same product cycle, will help to reduce feedstock demand for plastic goods

Mixed market reaction to EU plastics charge

New charge of €800/tonne for all non-recycled packaging waste will be paid by EU nations from 1 January 2021

EU – Plastik“steuer“

Mitgliedstaaten sollen künftig eine Abgabe an die EU leisten, welche anhand der Menge von nicht recycelten Kunststoff-Verpackungsabfällen berechnet wird

Danimer Scientific and WinCup win PLASTICS Industry Association’s 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award

Winners developed first-of-its-kind backyard compostable and marine-biodegradable straw

GO!PHA proudly looks back at the first year and looks forward to what is coming

GO!PHA publishes first annual report to inform our members and wider public about our past, current and future activities

Air bp and Neste to offer increased volume of sustainable aviation ‎fuel in Europe

Air bp and Neste agree to offer a five-fold increase in volume of sustainable aviation fuel

Chemical recycling ‘promising’ for circular economy, EU official says

Dealing with toxic substances contained in old plastic products – or “legacy chemicals” – is seen by many as the next frontier in recycling, if not the Holy Grail

1 September 2020

Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic

Sustainable biotechnological production of a natural substance against tuberculosis

Kolibakterien produzieren Korallen-Antibiotikum

Nachhaltige biotechnologische Herstellung eines Naturstoffs gegen Tuberkulose

Biome Technologies plc’s bioplastics division receives order for compostable bioplastic for coffee pods

Largest single order to date for Biome’s heat-stable and compostable bioplastic for coffee pod applications