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15 September 2020

Emery Oleochemicals Extends Eco-Friendly Polyols Product Line with Ester Plasticizers & Showcases at CTT 2020 Virtual Week Event

EMEROX Ester Plasticizers offer low viscosity, low water solubility, excellent low temperature performance, and have excellent thermal stability

Oil industry placing risky bet on plastics, report says

Surging plastic use has caused a pollution crisis, with least 8 million tonnes thought to end up in oceans every year

„Mein(e) Plastik ist bio!“ – Wettbewerb startet in Kürze

Von August bis Ende November 2020 können Teilnehmende eigene Kreationen aus Biokunststoff einreichen und dabei attraktive Preise gewinnen.

On the EU’s menu: the Common Agricultural Policy

Faced with a combined climate, health and biodiversity crisis, MEPs need to be held accountable when interfering with science

Potential challenges and opportunities of using chemical recycling for plastic wastes

Collective action is needed to build technologies that transform plastic waste to value as by chemical re-processing or advanced recycling

Plastikfreies Flächenmaterial aus Chitin und Kaffeesatz

Neuartiges Flächenmaterial namens Tômtex besteht aus gelöstem Chitin mit verschiedenen Biomasse-Additiven und lässt sich vielseitig verarbeiten

All green products start with a #Greensource

Climate neutrality with Europe’s forest fibre industry

EC launches public consultation on potential revision of REDII

The REDII is the EU’s main renewable energy policy legislation

14 September 2020

EU publication: Biodegradable and compostable plastics

Challenges and opportunities

Kann denn Kunststoff Bio sein?

Biokunststofftool und Sonderheft über den Einsatz von biobasierten Kunststoffen für die Verpackung von Lebensmitteln

German, Benelux hydrogen demand could rise five-fold to 2050: study

Aurora Research: Future hydrogen output could mainly be used to replace fossil fuels in the manufacturing processes of steel, chemicals or cement

Hoffnungsträger der Energiewende – wo der grüne Wasserstoff herkommt

Grüner Wasserstoff soll ein wichtiger Bestandteil der neuen Energiewelt werden. Wo das Gas aber produziert werden soll, scheint noch nicht ganz klar

Bio-based industries equipped to help Europe meet its waste objectives

Research by ZWE and BIC maps bio-waste collection and potential

Entfernung von Klimagas aus der Luft: Warum der CO2-Staubsauger keine Wundermaschine ist

Um ihre Klimaziele zu erreichen, wird die Menschheit auch CO2 aus der Luft wieder einfangen müssen. Die Technik hat aber auch ihre Schattenseiten

Essential Requirements for Packaging should consider benefits of bioplastics

Currently, EU legislation defines a ‘hierarchy’ in waste management, where waste prevention and re-use are the most preferred options, followed by recycling

Are all renewable aviation fuels equally sustainable?

This article focuses on dedicated lipids (fats) to renewable aviation fuels production

Microbes working together multiply biomass conversion possibilities

With the race for renewable energy sources in full swing, plants offer one of the most promising candidates for replacing crude oil

Strukturfarben aus Cellulose-Polymeren

Selbstorganisation von responsiven photonischen Biomaterialien in „flüssigen Murmeln“

11 September 2020

BASF signs agreements with New Energy for uptake of pyrolysis oil derived from waste tires and for a joint feasibility study

Pyrolysis oil from end-of-life tires as an additional raw material source next to oil from mixed plastic waste

BASF unterzeichnet Vereinbarungen mit New Energy über die Abnahme von Pyrolyseöl aus Altreifen und eine gemeinsame Machbarkeitsstudie

Pyrolyseöl aus Altreifen neben Öl aus gemischten Kunststoffabfällen als zusätzliche Rohstoffquelle

TOMS is expanding its sustainability efforts using carbon-negative material

Company to add the innovative I'm greenTM bio-based EVA from Braskem to its framework of earth-friendly materials

Expert view: The future is in our hands – recognising the true potential of next generation carbon capture technology

While the EU wants to cut CO2 emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels, consumer demand for materials with significant carbon footprint is increasing

Hintergrundpapier: Plastikpolitik in Deutschland und der EU

Aktuelle Gesetze und Initiativen

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering signs MoU with NTPC for CO2 to Methanol Plants

LTHE delivers 'design to build' engineering and construction solutions across the hydrocarbon spectrum

Can yeast oil save rainforests from palm oil plantation pressure?

Palm oil is cheap, plentiful, and extremely useful — but its production involves destroying tropical rainforests. Startups are racing to replace palm oil with oil from yeast cultures. Can they beat palm oil's low price?

Haldor Topsoe joins ambitious sustainable fuel project in Denmark

The project aims to develop a ground-breaking hydrogen and sustainable fuel facility based on electrolysis in the Greater Copenhagen Area

Mini power plants from coated algae

Biofuels and closed materials cycles due to bio-templating

Mini-Kraftwerke aus beschichteten Blaualgen

Treibstoff und raffinerte Materialkreisläufe dank Biotemplating

10 September 2020

New minimum standard for recycling-friendly packaging now available – plastics debate makes implementation more difficult

Current debate about plastics brings new challenges: hard-to-recycle composite packaging made from paper and plastics is seeing a disproportionate rise

Neuer Mindeststandard für recyclinggerechte Verpackungen liegt vor – Plastikdiskussion erschwert die Umsetzung

Aktuelle Plastikdebatte bringt neue Herausforderungen: Schlecht recycelbare Verbundverpackungen aus Papier und Kunststoff nehmen überproportional zu

Toyochem Launches New Biodegradable Polyurethane Adhesive

Newly developed product is suitable for materials for several industries where the use of biodegradable materials are preferred

The use of forest biomass for climate change mitigation: dispelling some misconceptions

Is energy from woody biomass positive for the climate?

Tômtex is a leather alternative made from waste seafood shells and coffee grounds

According to the Vietnamese designer Uyen Tran, the biodegradable material is durable while remaining soft enough to be hand-stitched or machine-sewn

Tech-Startup Mi Terro produziert T-Shirts aus verdorbener Milch

Unternehmen hat ein innovatives Verfahren entwickelt, um Lebensmittelabfälle zu verwerten und daraus hochwertige Kleidung herzustellen

Face masks for bartenders made from sour milk

A spirits brand in the UK has created face masks from discarded milk

NTU Singapore scientists use fruit peel to turn old batteries into new

The team demonstrated their concept using orange peel, which recovered precious metals from battery waste efficiently

New Nitrogen Assembly Carbon catalyst has potential to transform chemical manufacturing

he scientists performed experiments with a type of heterogeneous catalyst in which the design and placement of nitrogen on the carbon surface greatly influenced the catalytic activity of the material

9 September 2020

HEXPOL TPE Expands Range of Biobased Thermoplastic Elastomers

Series now includes grades based on Styrenic Block Copolymer and Thermoplastic Polyolefin technologies, with amounts of renewable content to over 90%

HEXPOL TPE erweitert Sortiment an biobasierten thermoplastischen Elastomeren

Serie umfasst nun Materialien auf der Basis von Styrol-Block-Copolymeren und Thermoplastischen Polyolefinen mit einem erneuerbaren Anteil von bis zu über 90%

Stora Enso to build a pilot plant for bio-based packaging foam

Bio-based foams are renewable and recyclable and can be used in packaging, for example, to replace oil-based polymer foams

Clariant: Bio-Farb- und Additivmasterbatches zertifiziert

Fünf Clariant Werke in Europa und Asien haben Zertifizierungen zur Bio-Abbaubarkeit der Werkstoffe erhalten

Missouri S&T research on soybean oil may benefit manufacturers, farmers and environment

Two chemical researchers added nanoparticles to high oleic soybean oil and increased cooling capacity, enhanced viscosity, stability, and thermal conductivity

Climeworks, ON Power und Carbfix schaffen Grundlage für die signifikante Skalierung von Carbon Dioxide Removal auf 4.000 Tonnen pro Jahr

Die Verträge stellen einen Meilenstein im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel dar

Climeworks, ON Power and Carbfix lay the foundation to scale up carbon dioxide removal significantly to 4000 tons per year

The agreements set down an important milestone in the fight against climate change

Spotlight on outdoor clothing: Biodegradable fleece made from wood cellulose

Outdoor specialist Vaude comes along with a wood fiber-based Lyocell fleece, which can biodegrade in any environment in about 90 days

Cleaning our Homes while Cleaning the Sky CarbonSmart™ Products hit the Stores in Switzerland!

Switzerland’s largest retail company and its subsidiary have launched a new range of cleaning products, containing LanzaTech ethanol made from recycled pollution

U.S. Plastics Pact Launches to Ignite Change Toward Circular Economy for Plastic

60+ Brands, Retailers, Government Agencies, and NGOs Collaborate to Advance All Plastic Packaging to become Reusable, Recyclable, or Compostable by 2025

8 September 2020

TOP Results of seven years of market research published

Three online surveys on green premium for bio-based products and one in-depth consumer study, published now for the first time

From Biopaste to Bioplastic

Forest scientists develop innovative wood-based materials for 3D printing

Von der Biopaste zum Bioplastik

Forstwissenschaftler entwickeln für den 3D-Druck neuartige Materialien auf Holzbasis