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8 Januar 2021

Green Materials Box: The European Green Deal

This means: becoming the first „climate-neutral“ continent!

Green Materials Box: Ein europäischer Grüner Deal („Green Deal“)

Ziel ist es, der erste klimaneutrale Kontinent zu werden!

TOP CarbonSmart™ Milestones for LanzaTech

Carbon capture at scale hits new heights

Avantium awarded €5.4 million grant from Netherlands Enterprise Agency for expansion of FDCA pilot plant

This grant is solely designated for the expansion of Avantium’s FDCA pilot plant in Geleen

7 Januar 2021

Joint letter to the European Commission on the EU Taxonomy Regulation

EUBA response to draft delegated act on technical screening criteria qualifying substantial contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation

Deutsche Umwelthilfe und NABU entlarven falsche Umweltversprechen des chemischen Recyclings

Chemisches Recycling soll besonders viel Energie verbrauchen, führe zu hohen Materialverlusten und erzeugt giftige Nebenprodukte

Colossal quarry CO2 capture programme ready to ramp up in 2021

Business Live speaks to Oxford University tech spin out chief exec after partnership with Singleton Birch revealed

Deutschlands Verlangen nach Wasserstoff: Kann nur Nordafrika es stillen?

Der Wasserstoffbedarf wird in Deutschland massiv steigen und die Industrie Importe aus Nordafrika benötigen. Das zeigt eine Analyse, die der WirtschaftsWoche exklusiv vorab vorliegt. Wann sich der Transport rechnet

WACKER Launches Renewables-Based Silicone Sealants

First-mover supplier to bring a sustainable silicone sealant in the market

WACKER produziert Silicondichtstoffe auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Erstes Unternehmen, das einen nachhaltigen Silicondichtstoff auf den Markt bringt

Creating animal food from a greenhouse gas

In the project React-First, scientists are working to produce a high-protein feed called Proton - more or less from thin air

New Study Uses Bio-based, Renewable Solvent to Extract Key Nutrient to Combat COVID-19

Circa Group extracted phytonutrients like hesperidin from waste biomass – hesperidin binds to the virus’ key proteins and counteracts cell-damaging effects

Chemists from RUDN University used crab shells to improve palladium catalysts

Chemists from RUDN University synthesized soluble biopolymers based on chitin from crab shells

Carbon Clean and Veolia team up to fund green projects in India through a joint venture

This partnership between Veolia and Carbon Clean is an important step in the right direction

Carbon Clean und Veolia finanzieren gemeinsam umweltfreundliche Projekte in Indien über ein Joint Venture

Diese Partnerschaft zwischen Veolia und Carbon Clean ist ein wichtiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung

6 Januar 2021

Commission’s SAM report confirms role of biodegradable plastics within a circular economy

EUPB is pleased to see that new report clearly identifies several beneficial application areas for biodegradable plastics even though this was not its original focus

Mit Schweizer Technologie effizient zum Biokunststoff

Die erste vollständig integrierte chinesische Anlage für die Herstellung von PLA aus Zucker wurde mit hochmoderner Technologie der Maag Group ausgestattet

Still paying for broken smartphone display? Now, It is automatically fixed

Korean researchers found Linseed oil for use in self-healing smartphone screens

ThinKing December 2020: Wood, hemp, and chicken feathers – creating technical components from natural fibres

The injection blow moulding or “fibre injection moulding” (FIM) process uses three mould halves to manufacture components

ThinKing Dezember 2020: Holz, Hanf und Hühnerfedern – mit Fasern aus der Natur zu technischen Bauteilen

Das Faserblasverfahren oder FIM nutzt drei Werkzeugsektionen, um ein Bauteil zu fertigen

Opportunities in fiber-based food packaging

Production capacity of paper food packaging in Europe has been trending higher annually since 2013

Increased household collection of used cooking oil means better climate protection

In many countries, used cooking oils are already being collected from restaurants and the food industry. But their full potential is far from being reached

Engineers go microbial to store energy, sequester CO2

The key: Let bioengineered microbes do all the work

The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund welcomes Nestlé as an investor to accelerate sustainable innovation in Europe

With the commitment of Nestlé, ECBF Management GmbH has successfully raised €175 million in total

5 Januar 2021

nova experts introduced: Nicolas Hark (M.Sc.Agricultural Economics)

Agriculture, economics, policy & regulations, markets

Braskem America and Encina Announce Intent to Develop Circular Feedstock Agreement for Production of Recycled Polypropylene

Company is considering three locations in the northeast, and it should complete site selection in the first quarter of 2021

Braskem: Kooperation mit Encina beim PP-Recycling

Neues Recyclingwerk mit bislang ungewissem Standort soll jährlich rund 175.000 Tonnen verschiedener Kunststoffabfälle zu 90.000 Tonnen Rezyklat verarbeiten

German Sustainability Award Design 2021: OceanSafe wins

The Krefeld-based start-up OceanSafe received the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 as a “pioneer”

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis Design 2021: OceanSafe gewinnt

Das Krefelder Start-up OceanSafe hat den Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis Design 2021 als „Vorreiter“ verliehen bekommen

Aphria and Tilray Combine to Create Largest Global Cannabis Company with Pro Forma Revenue C$874 million (US$685 million)

The Combined Company will will have principal offices in the United States, Canada, Portugal and Germany, and it will operate under the Tilray corporate name

Mega-Deal in der Cannabisbranche: Tilray und Aphria fusionieren zu neuem Marktführer

Aphria und Tilray schließen sich zusammen. Die beiden kanadischen Firmen gehören schon jetzt zu den größten Anbietern für medizinisches Cannabis

Sanitation Districts Expand Food Waste Recycling System to Produce Vehicle Fuel

With a new biogas purification system, the Los Angeles County District is enabled to  produce renewable natural gas as fuel for vehicles like cars, buses and trucks

Valorising emissions from steel – making into sustainable products

European Union awards 21M € for demonstration of industrial symbiosis concept between the steel and chemical industry

The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund has raised €175 million to foster sustainable innovations

First venture fund exclusively dedicated to the bioeconomy in Europe, closes its second round with €93 million in commitments

New Research Reveals Massive Market Potential Exists for Plant-Based Products and Packaging

Majority of Consumers Receptive to Products and Packaging Made from Plants

Calling Startups to join the Carbon-to-Value Initiative

Application is open until 27 January 2021

4 Januar 2021

CAD$875 million biofuel plant in Varennes, Québec Enerkem proposed partnership with Shell, Suncor and Proman with the leadership of the Québec government and support from the Canadian government

Enerkem and partners to build waste-based methanol plant in Canada

Kunststoff-Recycling: Viel zu schade für die Mülldeponie

Zahlreiche neue Verfahren werden derzeit erprobt, die Plastikmüll effizient und günstig in wertvolle Chemikalien verwandeln können

Kemira announces exclusive partnership with Danimer Scientific to develop biodegradable coating for paper and board industry

The companies aim to manufacture coatings for limited commercial applications in 2021 before exploring broader production options

The same but different: What makes sugar 7Sdh a better herbicide?

Microbiologist and discoverer Prof. Dr. Karl Forchhammer believes, that this sugar has clear ecological advantages over glyphosate. In an interview with Rebecca Debo

Gleich und doch anders: Was macht den Zucker 7Sdh zum besseren Herbizid?

Mikrobiologe und Entdecker Prof. Dr. Karl Forchhammer im Gespräch mit Rebecca Debo

How clean electricity can upgrade the value of captured carbon

New method offers an affordable path to upgraded products while significantly lowering the overall energy cost of combined capture and upgrade

Braskem Announces Research Partnership for Sustainable Plastic Production Using CO2 Capture and Utilization Technology and Use

New project to be developed together with researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago

An interview with Jason Camp, CTO at Circa Group

The Australia-based company is converting waste biomass into advanced biochemical materials

Recyclingquoten für Kunststoffverpackungen sprunghaft gestiegen

Verpackungsgesetz zeigt Wirkung

21 Dezember 2020

Bio-based News goes on winter break – we will be back 4 January 2021

Winter special discount on nova-Insitute's market reports

18 Dezember 2020

Grön Fuels, LLC select Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ renewable fuels and H2bridge™ bio-hydrogen technologies with bio-CCS option for a multi-billion low carbon intensity complex in Louisiana

Following the expected completion of the first phase of the complex in 2024, the plant will produce 60,000 barrels per day of renewable diesel, including a permitted jet fuel option

Fungi as biomaterials

Development of mushroom-based materials of the future

Pilze als Biomaterialien

Entwicklung pilzbasierter Werkstoffe der Zukunft

Carmeuse, ENGIE and John Cockerill join forces to reduce industrial CO2 emissions in Wallonia

Trio of Belgian firms to develop “e-methane” project