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14 Januar 2021

New biobased materials

New biobased materials are everywhere, old biobased materials can be repurposed by modern technology

DSM and Clariter partner to pursue chemical recycling solution for Dyneema®-based end-products

Partners will test the feasibility of using Dyneema® as a feedstock in Clariter’s chemical recycling process.

Umgang mit Verpackungen in Europa – eine Übersicht der nationalen Umsetzung

DIHK-Broschüre "Verpackungen in Europa" zum Download

What is renewable carbon and why did Stahl join the Renewable Carbon Initiative?

Only capturing of carbon followed by conversion to materials, or efficient recycling will help us to reduce the need for virgin fossil carbon within the chemical sector

Kompostierbare Displays für nachhaltige Elektronik

Wissenschaftlern des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT) ist es erstmalig gelungen, bioabbaubare und kompostierbare Displays zu produzieren

Neste acquires minority stake in Alterra Energy

Companies partnering to commercialize Alterra’s waste plastic liquefaction technology in Europe

Energiewende in Nordfriesland: Der Wasserstoff, aus dem die Träume sind

Wasserstoff tanken, der mit Windkraft hergestellt ist – in Norddeutschland verwirklichen Unternehmer diese alte Vision der Energiewende. Sie ist auch ein Gegenentwurf zu Elektromobilität mit Batterien

TOP UPM Biochemicals grows lignin business with new Domtar supply agreement

This step enables UPM to expand its role in the growing lignin business and different application segments

Handcrafted for your feet in vegan leather

We make leather from peas and mushrooms as these contain a high-level of cellulite and flexibility

13 Januar 2021

Expanding the boundaries of CO2 fixation

Design and realization of synthetic enzymes open up an alternative to natural photorespiration

Stoffwechsel-Umleitung eröffnet neue Wege der CO2-Fixierung

Neuer synthetischer Stoffwechselweg ist eine Alternative zur pflanzlichen Photorespiration

Danimer Scientific Completes Business Combination with Live Oak Acquisition Corp.

Danimer Scientific to Begin Trading on the New York Stock Exchange Under “DNMR”

Konventionelle Agrarflächen weisen eine höhere Mikroplastik-Belastung auf als ökologisch bewirtschaftete Felder

Methode zum Nachweis von Kunststoffen in Agrarböden entwickelt

European REFUCOAT Project develops recyclable, active packaging food systems

Research on packaging solutions could positively impact the reduction of food waste

Veranstaltungen nachhaltig ausstatten

FNR veröffentlicht zwei neue Leitfäden zur Beschaffung von Produkten aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen für Messe, Tagung, Catering & Co.

Fight against climate change: Fermentalg and SUEZ create a joint venture to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of solutions for capturing and valorizing CO2 in bioproducts

Memorandum of understanding for a joint venture, which will develop algae photobioreactors capable of capturing CO2 by biomimicry

Creating innovative value chains from non-food biomass feedstock

AFTER-BIOCHEM project aims at creating innovative and more sustainable value chains from renewable raw materials to multiple high added-value products at industrial scale

Transforming carbon dioxide into jet fuel using an organic combustion-synthesized Fe-Mn-K catalyst

We report here a synthetic protocol to the fixation of carbon dioxide by converting it directly into aviation jet fuel using novel, inexpensive iron-based catalysts

Malai: A Kerala company is making leather from coconut water

The pleather is biodegradable and compostable – Its primary raw material is a kind of bacterial cellulose drawn from the water of mature coconuts

12 Januar 2021

TOP Updated Preliminary Programme – 9th Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals and 2nd European Summit on CO2-based Aviation Fuels

23–24 March 2021, online event

SABIC Collaborates With Beiersdorf To Implement Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging Using Certified Renewable Polypropylene

The new packaging products will be introduced in the market in 2021 and replace fossil-based virgin PP

AFC partners with MGI to grow AFC’s bio-resin business in the Americas

Launch of a strategic partnership for sale and distribution

Mode aus Holz: Hotelier mischt nun auch in der Bekleidungsindustrie mit

Unter dem Label „Wood Fashion“ lässt Dietmar Hehenberger aus Österreich nachhaltige Mode aus Holzfasern fertigen

No rapeseed methyl ester means noticeably less rapeseed meal

UFOP Chart of the week 53 / 2020

Kein Rapsmethylester bedeutet erheblich weniger Rapsschrot

UFOP Grafik der Woche KW 53 / 2020

Researchers Synthesize Light Aromatics from CO2 Hydrogenation

Using CO2 as a feedstock for the sustainable production of aromatics through catalytic hydrogenation is an economically and environmentally viable approach

Calyxt Announces Collaboration with NRGene® to Advance its Product Pipeline

NRGene’s Genomics Platform to Accelerate Calyxt’s Trait Discovery in Hemp

LanzaTech and TeselaGen Biotechnology Sign New Multi-Year Deal to Advance Carbon Remediation via Biological Processes

LanzaTech and TeselaGen ink new 5-year deal to reduce the human carbon footprint using synthetic biology, extending their relationship through 2025

Salt-Tolerant Bacteria With An Appetite For Sludge Make Biodegradable Plastics

In a new study, Texas A&M University researchers have uncovered an efficient way to use leftover sludge to make biodegradable plastics

11 Januar 2021

TOP The innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year”

The award is new and unique worldwide. For the first time, there will be a comprehensive award for the best renewable materials – which can be produced either from biomass, directly via CO2 utilisation, or recycling.

More bio in surfing: Stand-up paddleboard made from natural fiber-reinforced bioplastics and recycled balsa wood

Demonstration object for our lightweight-construction material has been launched by Fraunhofer WKI

Mehr Bio im Surfsport: Stand-up-Paddleboard aus naturfaserverstärktem Biokunststoff und rezykliertem Balsaholz

Demonstrationsobjekt für neuen Leichtbauwerkstoff wurde vom Fraunhofer WKI vorgestellt

PANGAIA Announces Investment in Materials Science Company, Kintra Fibers

100% bio-based, and compostable yarns for the fashion and apparel industry

Adidas ‘Developing’ Plant-Based Leather From Fungus – Commits To Expanding Vegan Range

Adidas is developing a new material, a purely biological leather alternative made from mycelium, and will use it for the very first time in the creation of footwear

Faster, greener way of producing carbon spheres could improve carbon capture technology

Swansea University researchers have developed one-step method for producing porous carbon spheres, which are a vital component for carbon capture technology

Top-Innovationen 2020: Sonne macht Kohlendioxid zum Rohstoff

Methoden, die CO2 in großem Stil in etwas Nützliches umwandeln, sind wichtig für den Klimaschutz. Eine neue Generation von Katalysatoren nutzt dafür sichtbares Licht

GO!PHA response to draft delegated act on technical screening criteria qualifying substantial contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation Directive 2020/852

Organization recommend accepting food and feed crops as a feedstock for plastic in primary form

Cellulose-based dispersants and flocculants

A new review article provides insight into the engineering pathways, the structural frameworks, and surface chemistry of “green” types of dispersants and flocculants

A new initiative to support green chemistry education: The Green Chemistry Teaching and Learning Community

The community of practice grows yearly, with many institutions now engaging in some form of green chemistry activity

Natural Innovations from Finland Herald the Dawn of a New Wooden Age

As global industries turn their focus to sustainability, Finnish innovators are drawing on their proximity to nature to generate new material solutions

8 Januar 2021

Join the Biocomposite Recycling Industry Group (BRIG)!


nova Session: “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” – Check out the preliminary programme!

10 February 2021, 10:00 – 14:00 h (webinar via zoom)

TOP 2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres, 2–3 February 2021, Online event

Cellulose fibres are the fastest growing fibre group in textiles, the largest investment sector in the bio-based economy, and a solution to avoid microplastics

Recorded Webinar: TWatch™ Greener Plastics: the high value Multi-Partner Technology Intelligence Program you must consider

Watch the video about the webinar on Greener Plastics, held at 12 November 2020

Neste successfully completed its first industrial-scale processing run with liquefied waste plastic in Finland

Company successfully processed 400 tons of liquefied plastic waste at its refinery in Finland this fall

Neste verarbeitet zum ersten Mal chemisch recycelte Kunststoffabfälle im industriellen Maßstab in seiner Raffinerie in Finnland

Es konnten 400 Tonnen von verflüssigten Kunststoffabfällen aus dem chemischen Recycling verarbeitet werden

This sustainable helmet is a DIY design made from mushrooms and grows on its own!

NOS design partnered with Polybion company, who developed Fungicel which grows like foam and therefore can provide cushioning at the time of impact

Universal Carbon Dioxide Platform for Production of Sustainable Food, Fuels and Chemicals

LanzaTech is making palm oil-substitutes and omega-3s from carbon emissions

German Council Presidency launches joint European hydrogen project

Minister Altmaier: “Together, we will advance forward-looking technologies and safeguard jobs”

Deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft startet gemeinsames europäisches Wasserstoffprojekt

Altmaier: „Gemeinsam Zukunftstechnologien voranbringen und Arbeitsplätze sichern“