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26 März 2021

How will the Bioeconomy of the Future look like?

The BioMonitor project released two policy briefs that focused on future-oriented scenarios developed for the analysis with the BioMonitor Model Toolbox. These scenarios present possible future development pathways for the European Bioeconomy by 2030 and by 2050

TOP Chemicals and Materials for the Future: Renewable Materials Conference 2021 – Final Program

Which renewable materials are solutions that meet the needs of future societies? As a response to this challenging question, nova-Institute has decided to unite all relevant industries in the new “Renewable Materials Conference”, May 18–20, 2021, featuring a unique concept to present all renewable material solutions at one event: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled.

BBI JU flagship projects: how new sustainable business models are boosting the bio-based industries across Europe

With 11 flagship first-of-their-kind biorefineries funded across Europe, BBI JU is demonstrating the essential role of bio-based industries in the green recovery of Europe

Bioökonomie? So einfach wie nie mit AllThings.Bio

EU-Projekt entwickelt Lernspiel und App zu Themen der Bioökonomie

HELM U.S. Corporation and Viridis Chemical Announce Global Marketing Partnership

HELM will immediately assume the exclusive responsibility for global sales, marketing and logistics management for both of Viridis Chemical’s products

The KITKAT that’s the sign of a break in Australia’s waste challenge

In an Australian first, a group of companies have collaborated to produce Australia’s first soft plastic food wrapper made with recycled content

25 März 2021

nova experts introduced: Achim Raschka (Dipl. biol.)

Head of the Department of Technology and Markets and the biotechnology and green chemistry working group

Expert knowledge is required – nova needs you!

The bio-based shares are based on expert knowledge and help us quantify the bioeconomic activities in various industries

EU planning staggered increase in use of green jet fuel

The EU’s upcoming ReFuelEU proposal, aimed at cutting emissions in the aviation sector, will apply a staggered blending mandate for green jet fuel

European Trade Groups Form Alliance for Ensuring the Plastics Circular Economy

The group was formed by Petcore Europe, PlasticsEurope, Plastics Recyclers Europe and VinylPlus

BASF and the bubbling bio-surfactants market

BASF recently signed two partnership agreements to expand its global leading position in the bio-based surfactants and actives market

AFYREN and Südzucker reach long term deal to supply factory producing biobased organic acids

AFYREN secures procurement of sugar beet co-products, major feedstock for industrial-scale production of its sustainable chemicals

Recycle high-tech waste biologically

Innovative biotechnological process extracts gallium from industrial wastewater

Hightech-Abfall biologisch recyceln

Innovatives biotechnologisches Verfahren löst Gallium aus Industrieabwässern

From sawdust to ethanol and green chemicals

Sekab will revolutionize the way we look at saw dust and soft wood residue

24 März 2021

TOP “Best CO2 Utilisation 2021″: The three winners of the innovation award are turning CO2 into methanol, cleaners, plastic packaging or surfactants

CO2 has become famous in a sad way. Carbon Recycling International from Iceland, LanzaTech from USA and Covestro from Germany transform it into usable raw materials.

Utilising the sustainable potential of biofuels from cultivated biomass

UFOP publishes the 4th report on global market supply

BASF strengthens its position in bio-surfactants for Personal Care, Home Care and Industrial Formulators with two distinct partnerships

BASF has recently signed two distinct partnerships agreements to expand its global leading position in the bio-based surfactants and actives market

BASF stärkt mit zwei fokussierten Partnerschaften ihre Position bei Biotensiden für Personal Care, Home Care und Industrial Formulators

Mit zwei kürzlich geschlossenen Partnerschaftsverträgen stärkt BASF ihre weltweit führende Position im Markt für biobasierte Tenside und Wirkstoffe

Why just capturing our carbon isn’t enough

A monumental shift in policy is needed to scale carbon capture, transport and storage technologies across the continent

23 März 2021

Mars Wrigley and Danimer Scientific Help Environmentally Conscious Consumers to Compost at Home by Developing Biodegradable Packaging from Natural Ingredients

Innovative partnership puts Mars Wrigley at forefront of sustainable packaging movement with eco-friendly technology made from nature that biodegrades in soil and oceans

UK start-up The Magical Mushroom Company moves to large-scale production plastic-free packaging

The packaging is made possible through mycelium composite technology, pioneered and patented by US firm Ecovative Design LLC

Waldböden richtig schützen

FNR veröffentlicht neue Broschüre zum Bodenschutz im Wald

Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?

Engineers have developed self-cooling fabrics from polyethylene, a material commonly used in plastic bags

Der Bio-Beutel – kompostierbare Obst- und Gemüseverpackung im Praxistest

Untersucht werden unter anderem Verbraucherakzeptanz und die Auswirkungen auf die Kompostqualität

CO2 good to be true: 3 sustainable uses for carbon dioxide

Typically perceived as the bogeyman of climate change, CO2 is now being reconsidered by scientists as the raw material from which to make fuels and even plastics

French oil giant backs startup recycling CO2 into animal food

Deep Branch raised 8 million euros to build a pilot plant to turn carbon dioxide into feed for livestock

Neste selects Rotterdam as a location for its possible next world scale renewable products refinery

The company has now concluded a thorough study phase concerning the two possible locations, Porvoo, Finland and Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Neste wählt Rotterdam als potenziellen Standort für seine nächste globale Raffinerie für erneuerbare Produkte

Das Unternehmen hat nun die Phase der gründlichen Untersuchung bezüglich der beiden möglichen Standorte abgeschlossen

Corbion Further Boosts Lactic Acid Capacity Through Concurrent Expansion Projects

Multiple productivity initiatives will increase supply of lactic acid, a nature-based ingredient, for the company's customers in Europe and other regions

22 März 2021

Jabil Announces Global Investment in Paper Packaging Solutions to Meet Heightened CPG Sustainability Demand

New automation and machinery will increase packaging capacity for North American and European markets

Forschungsprojekt PORTAL GREEN veröffentlicht Leitfaden

Praktische Hilfe bei Genehmigung, Bau und Betrieb von Power-to-Gas-Anlagen

Towards Fossil-free Bio-based Wood Binders – Launch of Pilot-scale Industry Testing

The BBI-JU funded project SUSBIND project started the pilot scale evaluation of a new bio-based binder system to be used by mass furniture industry

Lignin aus Pflanzen: Auf dem Holzweg​

Der Stoff war lange nur Abfallprodukt oder Füllstoff. Das Start-up LignoPure will Lignin zum hochwertigen Baustein für Kosmetika und Lebensmittel machen

Sateri to Expand Lyocell Production in China

The Changzhou Lyocell facility is expected to commence production in the third quarter of 2022 and will create more than 800 jobs

Usable Packaging project: Launching a revolution in bioplastics

Whilst plant-based applications (like cotton, linen or starches) are as old as humanity, using plants to produce new types of plastics is very recent

CO2 utilization, a growth sector

Low-carbon technologies require strong regulatory support for adoption

VEGOILS-Palm oil rallies for ninth day to hit 13-yr peak on crude, rivals strength

Palm is set for its longest consecutive daily rising streak in nearly 19 years

Forestry Products Market Update

Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials newsletter recently published an update from major pine chemicals producers Kraton and Ingevity

19 März 2021

Zelcor – Zero Waste Ligno-Cellulosic Biorefineries by Integrated Lignin Valorisation

EU project Zelcor ended after four and a half years

Nichts für die Tonne – Hofer Wissenschaftler erforschen umweltfreundliche Kunststoffprodukte aus Bioabfällen

Nachwuchsforschergruppe der Hochschule Hof will den Einfluss natürlicher Strahlung und biogener Reststoffe auf die Eigenschaften von Biopolymeren erforschen

How bioplastic could be the future of fashion

Sequins for dresses made from 100% bioplastic could provide some insight into the future of high-end fashion materials

Applications for the AVK Innovation Award 2021

AVK awards innovations in fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) / composites

AVK-Innovationspreis 2021 – Ausschreibung startet

Die AVK prämiert Innovationen im Bereich Faserverstärkte Kunststoffe (FVK) / Composites

“The world needs a new economic system that is powered by nature”

Q&A with European Forest Institute director Marc Palahí on the bioeconomy movement

DMC Demonstrates Full Commercial Scale at Record Speed

The commercial performance metrics were demonstrated, meaning that no further strain improvements are required to achieve the target selling price

Researching fish scales for the clothing industry

What if we could reduce the amount of plastic in our clothes by using materials that biodegrade well in water, such as fish scales?

18 März 2021

TOP Bio-based Naphtha and Mass Balance Approach – Status & Outlook, Standards & Certification Schemes

New report on alternative, non-fossil naphtha with the first comprehensive overview of technology, producers, plants and users

Evonik develops sustainable transparent polyamide for the optics industry

The innovative TROGAMID® myCX eCO ensures long durability and high safety of premium lenses or high-quality visors for ski and snowboard goggles

Evonik entwickelt nachhaltiges transparentes Polyamid für die Optikindustrie

Das neue TROGAMID® myCX eCO sorgt für lange Haltbarkeit und hohe Sicherheit von Premiumlinsen oder hochwertigen Visieren für Ski- und Snowboardbrillen