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13 Oktober 2020

Upcycling: Einwegflasche wird zum Vogelfutterspender

Johannesberger Start-up entwickelt einen nachhaltigen Kunststoffadapter aus Naturfaserverbundwerkstoff und schafft für Plastikmüll ein neues Leben

World’s first blue ammonia shipment opens new route to a sustainable future

40 tons of high-grade blue ammonia already dispatched for use in zero-carbon power generation, a successful demonstration of the supply network from Saudi Arabia to Japan

Enzym-Kombination gegen PET-Flut: Bakterien fressen Plastik schneller

Neue Entdeckung von Forschern der Universität Portsmouth könnte ein großer Schlag gegen den Plastikmüll werden

Repsol reaches agreement to incorporate recycled-content polyolefins

Collaboration includes using mechanical recycling methods to produce recycled-content polymers that can be used in non-food contact flexible packaging applications

Trinseo Collaborates with COEXPAN to Validate Polystyrene Recycling Technologies

Technologies for Use in the Dairy Industry for Form Fill Seal (FFS) Market at INNOTECH

Amyris Delivering Sustainable Alternative To Shark Squalene Adjuvant – Enabling Vaccines For All With No Sharks Killed

Amyris expects commercialization and production of its alternative squalene for adjuvants in the fourth quarter

English professor in Bengaluru innovates straw from coconut leaf, exports to 25 countries

The professor decided to replace the common plastic straw with an organic alternative

Naturalmat offers organic bed products made from latex and coconut husk

Tremlett and Tindall launched Naturalmat with the aim of using only raw materials that were natural, sustainable and, where possible, certified organic

12 Oktober 2020

Lenzing is founding partner of the Renewable Carbon Initiative

The newly launched Renewable Carbon Initiative strives to herald the end of the fossil age for all organic chemicals and materials by 2050. Within the RCI Lenzing will especially focus on further greening up the textile and nonwoven businesses

Lenzing ist Gründungspartner der Renewable Carbon Initiative

Die neu gegründete Renewable Carbon Initiative strebt das Ende des fossilen Zeitalters für alle organischen Chemikalien und Materialien bis 2050 an. Im Rahmen dieser Initiative wird sich Lenzing insbesondere auf die weitere Ökologisierung der Textil- und Vliesstoffbranchen konzentrieren

UN SDGs – how to measure the bio-based sector’s contribution?

New guidance developed by the IEEP think tank now equips companies with the right tools to measure this contribution quantitively

Schaufenster Bioökonomie: Bio-Kunststoffe machen Verpackungen nachhaltiger

EU-Forschungsprojekt mit Beteiligung der Uni Hohenheim unterstützt Markteinführung innovativer Verpackungen, die Lebensmittel- und Verpackungsabfälle reduzieren

ITOCHU, Borealis and Borouge announce collaboration to enable uptake of renewable polypropylene in the Japanese market

The renewable PP is made from sustainable feedstock which is composed of various wastes and residues

Weg frei für mehr Natur-Dämmstoffe beim Bauen

Zellulose, Seegras, Flachs und Co. halten Bauvorschriften stand

Holland’s HempFlax joins CanXchange commodities trading platform

Transaction involved the sale of a quantity of CBD nutraceuticals made by HempFlax, which also makes hemp-based plastics, construction materials and animal care products

These carbon-negative, ocean-degradable straws and forks are made from greenhouse gases

Newlight has developed a material—made by microbes—that uses methane to make everything from utensils to purses to glasses

W-Cycle replaces plastic packaging with food waste

Sugarcane waste-based durable packaging is plastic-free and fully compostable

Synthetic Methylotrophy in Yeasts: Towards a Circular Bioeconomy

Microbial methylotrophy is a powerful and versatile pillar of a future circular bioeconomy

Growing momentum behind carbon capture can make it a new clean energy success story

Governments and companies have the chance today to turn CCUS into a clean energy success story that will bring environmental and economic benefits worldwide

9 Oktober 2020

New enzyme cocktail digests plastic waste six times faster

The discovery, by a team co-led by Prof John McGeehan, is another leap towards beating plastic waste

Brettsperrholz-Elemente aus Buche maßhaltig wie Nadelholz

Neues Verbundprojekt zum Einsatz von Laubholz im konstruktiven Bereich gestartet

Scientists Offer Companies a Novel Chemistry for Greener Polyurethane

Groundbreaking Formulation Enables Renewable, Nontoxic Polyurethane — a Potential Drop-In Solution for Companies’ Products

Agilyx successfully listed on Merkur Market, part of Oslo Stock Exchange

Advanced Chemical Recycling Technology is Making Plastics More Circular

Spoontainable: “Don’t Waste It. Taste It.”

Aus den Schalen einer Kakaofrucht wurde der „Spoonie“, ein nachhaltiger Eislöffel entwickelt

European Climate Policy and the Bioeconomy – Missed Opportunities or Muddling Through?

Policymakers in Brussels prefer to incentivize green power (and electric vehicles) as opposed to a balanced approach to economy-wide de-carbonization

How waste CO2 is helping to turn renewable energy into liquid fuel

An adequate coordination could ensure waste products or byproducts from one process – such as CO2 – can be used as a raw material for another

Effective pathway to convert CO2 into ethylene

Scientists developed nanoscale copper wires with specially shaped surfaces to catalyze a chemical reaction that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while generating ethylene

Startende Markt- und Technologiestudie zum Potential für bio-basierte Composite-Materialien

Das AZL untersucht zusammen mit einem Industriekonsortium das Marktpotential für bio-basierte Composite-Materialien

Put fees, EPR and recycled content in the mix for plastics policy

This industry plan should include specific commitments for using recycled plastic in a wide range of products

8 Oktober 2020

Newlight Technologies opens new commercial-scale AirCarbon production facility

Company develops carbon-negative, ocean-degradable straws and forks made from greenhouse gases

Bündnis 90 / Die GRÜNEN: Unsere Vision ist eine Wirtschaft ohne Müll

Zusammenfassung des Fraktionsbeschlusses „Grüne Strategie für eine ressourcenleichte, klimaneutrale und giftfreie Kreislaufwirtschaft“

Borealis receives European Investment Bank loan for development of circular economy solutions for plastics

Loan to boost Borealis research and development efforts in propelling the industry towards plastics circularity

VTT’s new piloting platform for process chemistry ready for speeding up bio- and circular economy

With the launch of the piloting platform for process chemistry, VTT Bioruukki strengthens its position among the world's leading piloting centres

Total Corbion PLA: Erste PLA-Anlage im Weltmaßstab in Europa in Planung

Die neue Anlage soll an einem Total-Standort in Grandpuits, Frankreich, errichtet werden und 2024 betriebsbereit sein  

Agilyx Joins AmSty, INEOS Styrolution and Trinseo as Technology Partner to Accelerate Realization of Circular Polystyrene

The four-way NDA signifies a commitment to a circular economy of polystyrene and serves as a basis for exploring and optimizing advanced recycling technologies for polystyrene

Nara has a new way to stop its deer from eating plastic bags

Japanese researcher developed a deer-friendly paper made from the pulp recycled from old milk cartons and the same rice bran used for crackers

EU considers allowing more state aid to boost green projects

The European Commission also plans to kick off a consultation in the coming weeks on how competition rules and sustainability policies work together

Rekordbeteiligung beim Bundeswettbewerb HolzbauPlus: 198 Bauherren bewerben sich

Jury bewertet Einsatz von nachwachsenden Baustoffen bei Neubauten, Sanierungsobjekten und Kindertagesstätten

7 Oktober 2020

Energy Transition: Total Is Investing More Than €500 Million To Convert Its Grandpuits Refinery Into a Zero-Crude Platform for Biofuels and Bioplastics

New platform will focus on four new industrial activities and is demonstrating company's commitment to the energy transition and to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050

Total: Komplette Neuausrichtung der Raffinerie in Grandpuits

Konzern avisiert neue Rohöl-freie Plattform mit vier Industriezweigen, um mittels eigener Zugeständnisse zur Energiewende ein Carbon-neutrales Europa bis 2050 zu erreichen

Score Natural Fibres Fairly – IWTO Responds to Green Claims Consultation

The wool industry is currently active in developing a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology for apparel and footwear in Europe to ensure a robust and meaningful scoring for wool clothing

Polystyrene can be circulated back to raw-material

MoPo project develops collection and reuse of the waste in Europe

Bambusgeschirr: angesagt, aber bedenklich

Ob als Kinderteller oder Coffee-to-go-Becher: Bambusware wird als nachhaltig und ökologisch beworben. Doch sind die Produkte tatsächlich eine gute Alternative zu Plastikgeschirr?

natureplus: Decisions of the Criteria Commission

natureplus discussed new standards, provides more transparency in assessment methods, and had basic discussions on gypsum-based products and radioactivity tests

Unilever accredits its collaboration with Evonik as one key pillar of its “Clean Future” initiative

As a biotechnology leader, Evonik is enabling Unilever to make its household cleaning products more sustainable

Call it by its name: Synthetic gas and oil from old plastics is not ‘recycling’, it’s ‘recovery’

Chemical recovery of plastics to produce new materials could be a welcome complement to mechanical recycling, and a useful way to reduce waste

Chemische Speicher von Sonnenenergie

Forschungsteam von Leibniz-IPHT und Universität Jena stellt neuartigen Ansatz vor

6 Oktober 2020

Total Corbion PLA announces the first world-scale PLA plant in Europe

The new plant is planned to be located on a Total site in Grandpuits, France and to be operational in 2024

natureplus: Klimaverträglichkeit der Produkte wird bewertet

Die von natureplus definierten Anforderungen bezeichnen ein Mindestmaß an Klimaverträglichkeit und Energieeffizienz und sind in jedem Fall einzuhalten

natureplus: Climate compatibility of the products is evaluated

The requirements defined by natureplus designate a minimum level of climate compatibility and energy efficiency and must be complied within all cases