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10 Mai 2021

With this new science, plastics could see a second life as biodegradable surfactants

The process has the potential to create more sustainable and economically favorable lifecycles for plastics

7 Mai 2021

Measuring the size of the European Bioeconomy using an Input-Output Approach

Researchers from the BioMonitor project proposed a novel approach that provides a comparative analysis of the bioeconomy’s development across different Member States and selected bio-based industries

Beiersdorf selects SABIC certified renewable PP for new Nivea packaging

The new jars of Beiersdorf’s NIVEA Naturally Good day and night face creams will be phased in at point-of-sale outlets worldwide from June 2021 onwards

Sabic: Biobasiertes Polypropylen für neue „Nivea“-Verpackung

Die neuen Verpackungen der Nivea Tages- und Nachtcremes von Beiersdorf sollen ab Juni 2021 im Handel eingeführt werden

Competitive Edge: Ionada’s carbon capture tech

Ionada's modular tech allows new approach for carbon capture

Ananas-Papier und Torfersatz aus Schokobohnen

Start-up-Wettbewerb PlanB zieht Zwischenbilanz - Prämierungsevent im Juni

Aker Solutions Wins FEED Contract for e-Fuel Plant in Norway

The e-Fuel plant is planned to produce CO2-neutral fuel by using green hydrogen and furnace gas from an existing factory

Fraunhofer-Forscher entwickeln recyclingfähigen, faserverstärkten Werkstoff aus 100% biobasierter Polymilchsäure

Verfahrensentwicklung für Schmelzspinnen, Spritzguss-Granulat und Folien

Using microbes to remove microplastics from the environment

Microbiologists have found a way to use bacteria to trap microplastics, removing them from the environment and making them easier to recycle

FEATURE: Biomethanol offers renewable fuel alternative

Renewable methanol will offer further emission reduction advantages, estimated at 65%-95% according to the joint IRENA and Methanol report

Arkema to start up new bio-based polyamide 11 plant in Singapore in the first half of 2022

This plant, for which production will be 100%-derivedfrom renewable castor beans, represents a 50% increase in Arkema’s global polyamide 11 capacity

Zymergen Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering

Zymergen has applied to list its common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol "ZY"

6 Mai 2021

TOP How to meet the global need for carbon as a feedstock in the chemical and derived materials sector in the future?

The chemical sector has a long-lasting and increasing demand for carbon that is embedded in its products. Today, 450 million tonnes of carbon are contained in chemicals and polymers, mostly sourced from fossil resources. The free report “Turning off the Tap for Fossil Carbon”, shows how the demand is met today and could be covered by renewable carbon in the year 2050.

Poster update: Biodegradable Polymers in Various Environments According to Established Standards and Certification Schemes

The biodegradation of materials is a complex process that depends mainly on the environmental conditions in which the materials end up after their use. Additionally, only a handful of polymers will be able to biodegrade in different environments.

Our First Packaging made from Renewable Plastic: another Milestone on our Sustainability Journey

Interview with Julia Wiedemann, Global Category Manager Sustainable Packaging in our Procurement, and Hannah Rasel, Senior Packaging Specialist in Packaging Development

Unsere ersten Verpackungen aus erneuerbarem Kunststoff: Ein weiterer Meilenstein zur Erreichung unserer Nachhaltigkeitsziele

Interview mit Julia Wiedemann, Global Category Manager Sustainable Packaging im Einkauf, und Hannah Rasel, Senior Packaging Specialist in der Verpackungsentwicklung

The Chemical Industry’s Balancing Act

Lars Krause and Michael Carus discuss crediting the value of bio- and CO2-based and recycled materials: the mass balance approach

From waste to fashion: The future of leather is (olive) green

Oleatex, the Turkish brand creating plant-based leather, was founded by three men

NatureWorks and IMA Announce New Strategic Partnership for the Compostable Coffee Pods Market

Partnership will accelerate the availability of a turn-key solution for K-Cup compatible compostable coffee pods in North America with excellent performance in converting, assembly, filling, brewing, and taste

Schaufenster Bioökonomie: Altbackwaren als Basis für Biokunststoffe und die chemische Industrie

Universität Hohenheim und das Fraunhofer WKI erforschen Verwendungsmöglichkeit für Altbackwaren, die als Lebensmittel nicht mehr vermarktet werden können

Seaweed as a source of food and useful compounds

Universities of Exeter and Bath in the UK have developed a process that doesn’t require the salty water to be removed on beforehand.

How Elon Musk’s CO2 XPRIZE can fight climate change and advance space exploration

Want to win Elon Musk's $100 million XPRIZE for carbon removal? Think small and think Mars

Keter Group Partners with UBQ Materials to Produce Sustainable Home and Garden Goods at Scale

Solidifying commitment to sustainability – Keter to introduce climate-positive UBQ™ material into product lines in a three-year contract

Plant breeding: 10,000 years of biodiversity threats?

From non-existent health dangers, the focus has now shifted to biodiversity threats – But is there really any risk from the new technologies via “genetic contamination”?

5 Mai 2021

Carbios announces the signing of an Expression Of Intent agreement with a major PET producer

Company confirms its plan to build a first-of-a-kind 100% PET recycling production unit using its enzymatic technology (the “Unit”)

Michelin: PET-Flaschenabfälle für die Reifenherstellung

Erfolg­rei­che Validierung der enzymatischen Recyclingtechnologie von Carbios

SABIC Debuts A Novel Bio-Based LNP™ Compound That Can Help Reduce Carbon Emissions And Fossil Fuel Use

New flame-retardant, carbon fiber-reinforced compound has a reduced carbon/energy footprint compared to its incumbent product, while delivering the same properties

Total Corbion PLA enters engineering stage for new 100 kTpa PLA plant in Grandpuits, France

First of its kind facility in Europe would make Total Corbion PLA the global market leader in PLA

They got the beets! Avantium, Cosun partner on 1st commercial plant to produce plant-based glycols

First commercial plant for the production of plant-based glycols, using Avantium’s Ray Technology

Steel2Chemicals pilot plant in operation at the end of April

ArcelorMittal, Dow Benelux and Tata Steel are investigating to convert CO from residual gases from steel production into raw materials for the chemical industry

Stora Enso initiates a plan to permanently close down pulp and paper production at Kvarnsveden and Veitsiluoto mills

Both Kvarnsveden and Veitsiluoto mills are loss-making, and their profitability is expected to remain unsatisfactory also going forward

It’s not just about fuels: It’s about the future: Why increasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel production and use is imperative

Here is what you need to know about Business Aviation and sustainability

4 Mai 2021

nova experts introduced: Dominik Vogt (Dipl. Geogr.)

Head of Conferences and project management

The fabric from which the future is woven

Aim of the common research project is taking CO2 from the atmosphere and separating it from the air with a mat made of cellulose fibres and amines

Cellulosefasern gegen den Klimawandel

Gemeinsames Forschungsprojekt soll eine verbesserte, hocheffiziente CO2-Abtrennung aus der Luft mittels gewebefixierter Amine verwirklichen

Newlight’s Restore foodware now commercially available from retailer Target

Manufactured in Southern California, AirCarbon straws and cutlery are dishwasher safe for reuse, never get soggy in hot or cold condition and contain no plastic

Cosun Beet Company and Avantium join forces with the ambition to produce plant-based glycols from sugars

Both companies entered into a Term Sheet to establish a joint venture in which Cosun Beet Companywill take a substantial share

Wissenschaftler liefern neue Erkenntnisse zum Citratzyklus

Hohe Kohlenstoffdioxid-Konzentrationen sind nötig, um den zentralen Stoffwechselweg "rückwärts" laufen zu lassen - Veröffentlichung in "Nature"

DMC and Conagen Partner for Commercial Manufacturing of L-alanine

Partnership combines Conagen’s production expertise with DMC's bioprocess technology and follows DMC’s demonstration of commercial-scale production in March 2021

Infinited Fiber Company Plans to Build EUR 220 mln Flagship Factory in Finland

Proprietary technology turns cellulose-based raw materials, used cardboard or straw, into Infinna, a premium textile fiber with the natural, soft look and feel of cotton

Sinopec Capital to Invest and Partner with LanzaTech

Sinopec Capital, with its Parent Sinopec Group as largest integrated Energy and Chemicals Company in China, invests in Carbon Recycling company

Biologischer Abbau kann sinnvolle End-of-Life-Option bieten

Für 24 der 25 Anwendungen wurden darüber hinaus Alternativen aus biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoffen gefunden

3 Mai 2021

INEOS Styrolution, Recycling Technologies and Trinseo progress plans for the first polystyrene recycling plants in Europe

All three companies share the same vision of making PS a circular material through depolymerisation

Ineos Styrolution, Recycling Technologies und Trinseo planen Recycling-Anlage

Die gemeinsame Vision der drei Partner ist, Polystyrol (PS) durch Depolymerisation zu einem Kreislaufmaterial zu machen

Stahl launches NuVera® breakthrough renewable carbon polyurethanes range

Novel building blocks allow the development of biomass-based and/or captured carbon-based polyurethane polymers

Ingeo 3D700, a newly developed PLA grade for large-format additive manufacturing, provides significant reduction in warping, minimizes print failures

NatureWorks has introduced Ingeo 3D700, a new PLA grade for use in large-format 3D printing

World-first laundry capsule in market made from industrial carbon emissions

For the first time a surfactant made using captured carbon emissions will come to market in a cleaning product

Nach harter Nacht: Einigung auf das EU-Klimagesetz

Mitgliedsstaaten machten Zugeständnis an die EU-Abgeordneten und wollen den CO2-Abbau durch Landnutzung, Land- und Forstwirtschaft künftig begrenzen

Breakthrough as EU negotiators clinch deal on European climate law

EU member states made a concession to MEPs by agreeing to cap the contribution of carbon removals from land use, agriculture and forestry

A study identifies the top 50 life and biological sciences and technologies driving innovation in the bio-based sectors in Europe

A consortium coordinated by Fraunhofer ISI identifies the novelties expected to drive innovation in the bio-based sectors in the coming ten years