10 Februar 2014

Oxea launches bio-based plasticizer range “Oxblue”

Oxea expands its broad product portfolio of phthalate-free plasticizers with its new bio-based products Oxblue DOSX (dioctyl succinate) and Oxblue ATBC (acetyl tributyl citrate)

Combining the advantages of conventional petrol- and bio-based products, Oxblue DOSX and Oxblue ATBC address the demand for high-quality, high-performing and affordable plasticizers. Suggested Oxblue applications include food cling wraps, flooring, soft toys, and adhesives & sealants. Oxblue DOSX and Oxblue ATBC are commercially available in Europe and North America.

“With growing health and image concerns of consumers, producers will find our Oxblue products to be sustainable solutions which enable them to economically manufacture products with no compromise on performance,” said Jacco de Haas, Global Marketing Manager Specialty Esters at Oxea. “With the new Oxblue products and our successful Oxsoft product range we offer a comprehensive product portfolio of phthalate-free and bio-based plasticizers. This enables us to better support the constantly changing needs of our worldwide customers,” he added.

“Integrated with key raw materials, Oxea is a reliable partner with multiple production sites on several continents – dedicated to supporting the global demand for specialty esters,” said Miguel Mantas, responsible for Sales and Marketing within Oxea’s Executive Board. “We will continue to expand our global manufacturing capacity to serve our clients more adequately, rapidly and efficiently,” he affirmed.

Source: Oxea Chemicals, press release, 2014-02-04.


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