7 August 2011

Other uses of tobacco

Tobacco bio-oil tested against a wide variety of insect pests, including 11 different fungi, bacteria, and the Colorado potato beetle

Tobacco (scientific name: Nicotiana tabacum), from which the good cigarette comes from, originated in the Americas, and soon spread around the world after the discovery of the New World.

Today, smoking is one of the most popular pastimes of people around the world. Every now and then, you see film characters puffing a cigarette. Young people try to imitate what these movie stars are doing because they are their idols. And before they know it, they are already addicted to the vice.

In fact, scientists from all over the world are looking for new uses for tobacco. One potential use is as a natural pesticide, due to tobacco’s content of toxic nicotine.

… Full text: www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/feature/2011/08/07/other-uses-tobacco-171585

Keywords: biooil, pyrolysis, pesticide, pest-control, nicotine

Source: Sunstar, 2011-08-07.


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