19 Dezember 2012

NREL releases gasification technology review

Harris Group to analyze three gasification and tar reforming systems

BildUnder contract with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Harris Group has completed a comprehensive review of biomass gasifier technologies.

“Biomass Gasification Technology Assessment” examines variables in multiple gasification technologies, compares capital costs and includes a gasifier cost estimating tool. It specifically focuses on assessing gasification and tar reforming technologies that are capable of producing a syngas suitable for further treatment and conversion to liquid fuels.

Harris Group reported that, though expected, it was very difficult to obtain detailed information from gasification and tar reforming technology vendors, because most vendors were not interested in sharing confidential cost or engineering information for a study. However, HG did manage to gather sufficient information to analyze three gasification and tar reforming systems.

… Full text: biomassmagazine.com/articles/8432/nrel-releases-gasification-technology-review

Tags: wood residue, stick built systems, partial oxidation, allothermal, autothermal, circulating fluidized bed design

Source: Biomass Magazine, 2012-12-19.


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