15 April 2011

nova-Review: Sustainable Resource Management

Global Trends, Visions and Policies

The book “Sustainable Resource Management” is directed towards researchers, EU and national governmental officials, businesses and NGOs with an interest in concepts, strategies and instruments to improve resource productivity and sustainable resource management from the regional and sectoral levels to the international level.

The book first provides an overview of the methods it has used to analyse the physical basis of our economies, from the product and firm level through to sectors and whole countries, considering material flows and life-cycle-wide impacts on the environment. In case studies, the book then presents a number of key findings. “Sustainable Resource Management” also looks into the future and provides visions of sustainable resource use, including the necessary conditions for a sustainable metabolism in the EU. Finally, “Sustainable Resource Management” provides a blueprint for how a more sustainable future may be achieved.

This book is the result of exhaustive research by Germany’s Wuppertal Institut and as such provides profound and comprehensive knowledge on the topic. It is therefore an essential reading for all interested in sustainable resource management.

Product details
Stefan Bringezu, Raimund Bleischwitz (ed.; 2009): Sustainable Resource Management – Global Trends, Visions and Policies. Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield, UK. 338 pages, 49,99 Euro. ISBN 978-1-906-09326-6.

Source: "Sustainable Resource Management", 2009.


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