22 Dezember 2011

nova-review: Automotive Composites and Textiles

TMS presents an overview on Automotive Composites and Automotive Textile Companies

The Textile Media Services Ltd. presents a brand new report of Adrian Wilson on automotive composites, covering all kinds of composite materials for the automotive industry. A second publication by the same author introduces 40 company profiles in the field of automotive rextiles.

  • Cover_Automotive_Composites.jpgAdrian Wilson: Automotive Composites. From steel to carbon and from glass to grass. TMS Textile Media Services, Norfolk. 206 pages. ISBN 978-0-9565-2388-4.

    The report gives a very comprehensive overview on the potentials of different kinds of composites for the automotive industry. In the first chapters it introduces to the global automotive production and then leads to a composites overview and the composites markets showing several tables on the market structure, market shares and average prices for composites in the world. The following chapters concentrate on carbon, glass and natural fibre automotive applications with tables on the specific markets, significant developments in the automotive industry and profiles of the leading companies in the different fields of automotive composites.

    Concerning natural fibres the report shows an overview on the natural fibres and natural fibre reinforced plastics. For this it portrayes the different types of fibres (flax and hemp, Kenaf, Jute, Sisal and Bamboo) and their cultivation advantages. After this it introduces to latest developments like Ultrafibre, lignin-based carbon fibres, bioplastics, natural polymer resins and others. Following this it gives an overview to the markets and production estimates (following numbers of nova-Institute) and introduces to automotive applications of natural fibre composites worldwide and portrays some leading suppliers in this field.

    The report is available from Textile Media Services Ltd, UK, for £445 for print format only, or £665 for print format plus PDF (single user licence).

  • Cover_Automotive-Textiles.pngAdrian Wilson: Automotive Textiles. The changing landscape for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. TMS Textile Media Services, Norfolk. 272 pages. ISBN 978-0-9565-2388-4.

    The second book of the same author is a selection of 40 profiles of the worlds leading companies in the field of automotive textiles. After a sort introduction and overview on the regional markets for automotive textiles it portrays the different companies with their portfolios and developments on automotive textiles, their companies history and most recent orders, their research and development and their financial performance and number of employees of the last years.

    Doing this it gives a helpful overview to these leading suppliers of automotive textiles for all kinds of interested parties.

    The book is available from Textile Media Services Ltd, UK, for £445.

Source: Textile Media Services Ltd., 2011-12-22.


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