2 Mai 2016

nova Newsletter May 2016

nova-Institute's latest news and activites

Michael Carus Managing Director nova-Institut GmbH

Michael Carus
Managing Director
nova-Institut GmbH

Dear Readers,

nova-Institute’s latest news at a glance – all details in the newsletter below:

  • Did you always wonder what direct use of CO2 – Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) is all about? On 4 May, we will hold a nova Session on CCU at the Conference Centre of the airport Cologne-Bonn. A few places are still available.
  • The EIHA conference in Wesseling near Cologne, on 1-2 June will be the meeting point of the global hemp industry. 250 participants from 40 countries will once again talk fibres, food and pharmaceuticals.
  • nova’s new market study carried out in cooperation with narocon (Berlin, Germany) provides the first comprehensive data on the use of biodegradable and compostable polymers in Europe. The study is now available.
  • Two new market reports follow up on the growing hemp food and pharmaceutical markets. The studies were carried out by nova-Institute and HempConsult (Düsseldorf, Germany) and are now available.
  • Good news for all parties interested in our big market study “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers in the World – Capacities, Production and Applications: Status Quo and Trends towards 2020”. It is now possible to buy single excerpts and also to get a money-back guarantee for the complete study.
  • Further good news: Get a free-of-charge two-page company profile in our successful “International Business Directory for Bio-based Materials (iBIB)”!
  • We are looking back on two successful events in April: the “9th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” and “Bio-based Start-up Day” with about 250 participants overall. Proceedings are now available – some even for free for non-participants.
  • Last but not least, we would like to introduce our Head of Communications, Dominik Vogt. Many of you know him already, now you can learn more about him and his team.

Best regards
Michael Carus
Managing Director nova-Institut GmbH

PS: Crowdfunding is everywhere and we, too, will offer our customers crowdfunding activities in the future. Dr. med Franjo Grotenhermen, expert for natural medicine and co-owner of nova-Institute now started a global crowdfunding campaign for cannabis as medicine: “Say Yes to Cannabis as Medicine”.


Hier geht es direkt zu den deutschsprachigen Hinweisen…

say-yes-ovalOn a personal note: nova supports crowdfunding for patient rights and information on medical cannabis

Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen is one of the founders of nova-Institute, nova’s expert for pharmacology and therapeutic uses of medical plants as well as a practicing physician working with chronically ill patients. In his spare time, he is advocating the right of access to cannabis-based medicine for patients in need, working with the charity “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)”.
Right now MCD is running a crowdfunding campaign to kick-start a multi-lingual information campaign to create a network for medical professionals and patients alike and make scientific information available for everyone. If you want to get an idea of what access to cannabis as medicine means to patients and medical professionals, take a look at the videos.
nova-Institute supports this cause and hopes you do, too. Donate at Indiegogo www.indiegogo.com/projects/say-yes-to-cannabis-as-medicine–5#

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piFirst “nova Session on technology of the future: Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)”

4 May 2016, Airport Cologne/Bonn (Germany) ++ programme online

Interested experts from industry, associations, policy and civil society are now invited to get up-to-date and thoroughly discuss the latest developments in CO2 utilization. Participants will have the chance to actively shape content and form of the event and contribute short presentations on their work and the topics they are most interested in. Programme and registration at www.bio-based.eu/nova-sessions The number of participants is limited to 20.

More information here.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piNew market study “Consumption of biodegradable and compostable plastic products in Europe”

More than 300 slides on markets, companies and legislation

nova-Institute publishes the first comprehensive market study on the consumption of biodegradable and compostable plastic products in Europe. The commercial study has more than 200 PowerPoint® slides of well-structured market and company data, case studies and a feature on biodegradation and composting. It also contains about 100 slides of additional EU policy and legislation review and analysis.

More information here.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piNew studies on Hemp: Hemp food and Cannabidiol (CBD)

Both studies in cooperation with HempConsult

nova-Institute (Germany) in cooperation with HempConsult (Germany) investigated the growing markets for Hemp Food Products along with, in a second market study, the non-psychotropic Cannabinoid CBD, increasingly demanded as food supplement and pharmaceutical. The growth is mainly driven by the increasing demand from the hemp food, nutritional supplement industries and the pharmaceutical sectors.
More information here.

15-06-29-BWK-Banner-150x56Proceedings of International Conference on Bio-based Materials available

“Bio-based Material of the Year 2016″ announced

Coffee waste filled bio-based resins, a new biosurfactant and bio-based dispersions for textile coatings are winners of the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2016”. The winners were elected by the participants of the 9th International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, Germany. Proceedings are now available at www.bio-based.eu/proceedings

More information here.

16-03-01-iBIB-banner-163x56iBIB – the leading bio-based and CO2-based business directory with news concept

Introduce your company in detail

The iBIB gives a comprehensive picture of the Bio-based Economy and presents major companies, associations, agencies, engineering and research institutes as well as certification bodies. Get your free Standard Profile or book a Premium Profile and upload as many pages as you want.

More information here.

Vogt, Dominik_Newsletternova experts introduced: Dominik Vogt

Head of Department Communications

Dipl.-Geogr. Dominik Vogt works in the area of project and conference management at nova since 2005, in 2013 he became head of the Department Conferences and Dissemination. He is charge of staff planning, public relations, web content, speaker support and realization of conferences in general. Another focus of his work are dissemination activities within international EU projects.

More information here.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150pinova-Institute is looking for a new Communications Manager (m/f)

Main tasks are public relation activities and communication in EU projects as well as marketing activities for our services in the area of bio-based economy

We are looking for team players with strong commitment, curiosity for new ideas and a structured and result-oriented way of working. We offer a creative and inspiring working environment within a young and international team combined with room for own ideas and initiatives. Job location is Hürth near Cologne.

Find more information here.

16-04-25 NL-Banner MultihempMultiHemp Stakeholder Workshop

31 May 2016, 15:00 to 18:00, Hotel am Rhein, Wesseling, Germany

The MultiHemp project uses cutting-edge genomic approaches to achieve rapid targeted improvements in hemp productivity and raw material quality for end-user requirements, whilst also advancing scientific understanding of gene-to-trait relationships in this crop. This work is combined with innovations in agronomy, harvesting and processing methods to generate sustainable products from improved varieties. Since the MultiHemp project has only one more year to go, we would like to present the results achieved so far and discuss with external experts hot topics around the project.
For registrations, please write an e-mail to: stephan.piotrowski@nova-institut.de

More information here.

Unbekannt13th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association

1-2 June 2016, Wesseling near Cologne, Germany +++ More than 100 participants already registered +++ Preliminary programme and participant list online

The EIHA Conference is now established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed worldwide. Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp and in other natural fibres and moreover on the applications for fibres, shivs, seeds and oil as well as pharmaceutical applications. We are expecting again 250 international participants from more than 35 countries.

For more information please visit: www.eiha-conference.org/programme

16-01-11-CO2_150x60-15th Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

Save the date: 6-7 December 2016, Cologne, Germany

After four years in Essen, the 5th “Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemicals and Polymers” will open it’s doors in Cologne. Would you like to contribute to the conference with your poster or presentation on recent developments within the field’s of Policy & Vision, H2 Generation: Prerequisite for CO2-Economy, CO2 Capture & Purification, Mineralization, Chemicals & Polymers and CO2-based Fuels?

We appreciate your proposal!

More information here.

pla-banner-150bioplastics MAGAZINE is organizing the 4th PLA World Congress

24-25 May 2016 in Munich, Germany

PLA is one of the bioplastics with the largest market significance. The versatile biobased plastic raw material is made almost completely from renewable resources. It is being used for packaging applications, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. Even the automotive industry and consumer electronics are already applying PLA. Blending PLA with other bioplastics or other blend-partners as well as mixing it with natural fibres such as flax, hemp or kenaf broadens the range of applications even more.

Further information here.

BBCE - 150x65Bio-Based Chemicals Europe

24-25 May 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bio-Based Chemicals Europe brings together specialist chemical companies, manufacturers, technology providers and global brands to share best practice that will support the growth, commercialisation and adoption of bio-based products.
The congress encourages interaction and best practice sharing to overcome challenges in developing bio-based solutions and accelerating their adoption, providing additional value and cost competitive solution to traditional products. Speakers are represented from chemical companies such as BASF, Enerkem, BioAmber and from brands such as Ecover, Korres, Kingfisher, Ikea and many more.

Further information here.

BBPE - 150x65Bio-Based Products Europe

24-25 May 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bio-Based Products Europe brings together specialist chemical companies, manufacturers, technology providers and global brands to share best practice that will help brands and retailers learn sustainable strategies and uncover bio-based alternatives.
The congress encourages interaction and best practice sharing to overcome challenges in developing bio-based solutions and accelerating their adoption, providing additional value and cost competitive solution to traditional products. Speakers are represented from chemical companies such as BASF, Enerkem, BioAmber and from brands such as Ecover, Korres, Kingfisher, Ikea and many more.

More information here.

16-03-19_NL_logo SCOT-eventSCOT Final Conference: Registration now open!

29 June 2016, Brussels

The conference will be a major milestone of the SCOT project. The SCOT team will first present its Vision together with state of the art CO2 utilisation in Europe and around the world. This will be followed by presentations of the Strategic European Research and Innovation Agenda and Joint Action Plan. Dedicated panel discussions around the most important topics to get CCU off the ground will be held with EU experts in the CO2 Utilisation field. Tickets to the conference cost EUR 80 and can be purchased here. Students have the opportunity of getting a free ticket on a first-come-first-serve basis. For more information, please contact info@scotproject.org.

algaeparcMicroalgae Process Design: from cells to photobioreactors (4th edition)

8 – 15 July 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

The waters of the world, oceans, seas, rivers, creeks, lakes and even ice, house a tremendous variety of microorganisms able to use light as the only source of energy to fuel metabolism. These unicellular organisms, microalgae and cyanobacteria, have the potential to produce a variety of products. To make economical large-scale production of such bulk products possible, the cost price for production needs to be reduced, the scale of production needs to be increased substantially and the biomass value should be maximized. In this course “Microalgae Process Design: from cells to photobioreactors” the biology and cultivation part are covered.

More information here.

16-04-25_NL-Logo-Epnoe-600EPNOE Brokerage event 2016 “Meeting between EPNOE members and companies not members of EPNOE”

11-12 July 2016, Paris (France)

EPNOE, the European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence, will organise an event aimed at offering the opportunity of companies not members of EPNOE to meet EPNOE members (major research organisations in polysaccharide and polysaccharide-based product research and innovation in Europe). During these two days of meeting, face-to-face pre-arranged meetings will be organised to meet EPNOE members for confidential discussion. Registration is free, but compulsory (deadline June 25, 2016).
To get more information on EPNOE and on this next event, you can visit the EPNOE website.

splashalgaeparcMicroalgae Biorefinery (1st edition)

18 – 20 July 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

To make microalgae a source of bulk products, the cost price for production needs to be reduced, the scale of production needs to be increased significantly and the biomass value should be maximized. To develop a more sustainable and economically feasible process, all biomass components (e.g. proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) should be used at minimal energy requirements and minimal costs while keeping the functionality of the different biomass components. Biorefining of microalgae is very important for the selective separation and use of the functional biomass components. In this course, ‘Microalgae Biorefinery’, the downstream part, i.e. the biorefinery will be in focus.

More information here.

16-04-25 NL-Banner EFIB- 150 x 659th annual EFIB 2016 – discount for nova Newsletter subscribers

18-19 October 2016, Glasgow, Scotland

EFIB 2016 is a truly insightful and topical 3 day forum, attracting over 650 leading biobased professionals to discuss, learn and connect over issues surrounding biobased value chains. Save 15%, just quote discount code EFIB16NI when registering online.

More information here.

l-ce-150x65Composites Europe

29 November – 1 December 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany

This year COMPOSITES EUROPE will be joining forces again with nova-Institut GmbH to arrange a joint stand devoted to “bio-based composites”. What are “bio-based composites”?

  • All composite solutions with a reinforcement by natural, wood or cellulose fibres
  • Bio-based thermoplastics and thermosets as matrix for glass and carbon fibres
  • Fully bio-based composites with wood and natural fibres
  • Bio-based plastics

Play a pioneering role as “bio-based composites” are being singled out and presented separately. The joint stand is located in hall 8a. More information here.

Deutschsprachige Hinweise / Notes for German-speaking readers

Michael Carus Managing Director nova-Institut GmbH

Michael Carus
Managing Director
nova-Institut GmbH

nova-Newsletter Mai 2016

Sehr geehrte Leserinnen und Leser,

hier die wichtigsten Neuigkeiten aus dem nova-Institut im Überblick – alle Details dann im Newsletter unten:

  • Wollten Sie immer schon wissen, was es mit der direkten Nutzung von CO2 – Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) auf sich hat? Am 4. Mai veranstalten wir eine nova-Session zu CCU im Conference Center des Flughafens Köln-Bonn. Wenige Plätze sind noch frei.
  • Am 1. und 2. Juni ist Wesseling bei Köln der Treffpunkt der weltweiten Hanfindustrie. Dann geht es mit 250 Besuchern aus 40 Ländern wieder um Fasern, Lebensmittel und Pharmazeutika.
  • novas neue Marktstudie, die in Kooperation mit narocon (Berlin) durchgeführt wurde, betrachtet erstmalig den Verbrauch an biologisch abbaubaren und kompostierbaren Kunststoffe in Europa. Die Studie ist ab sofort verfügbar.
  • Zwei neue Marktreports beschäftigen sich mit den wachsenden Märkten von Hanflebensmitteln und -Pharmazeutika. Die Studien wurden vom nova-Institut in Zusammenarbeit mit HempConsult (Düsseldorf) erstellt und sind ab sofort verfügbar.
  • Gute Neuigkeiten für Interessenten unserer großen Markstudie “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers in the World – Capacities, Production and Applications: Status Quo and Trends towards 2020″: Ab sofort können Kapitel der Studie auch einzeln gekauft werden und zudem kann die Marktstudie bei Nicht-Gefallen zurückgegeben werden.
  • Und noch eine gute Nachricht: Zweiseitige Firmeneinträge in unserem erfolgreichen „International Business Directory for Bio-based Materials (iBIB)“ sind ab sofort kostenfrei!
  • Wir blicken zurück auf zwei erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen im April in Köln: „9th International Conference on Bio-based Materials“ und den „Bio-based Start-up Day“, die zusammen von rund 250 Experten besucht wurden. Die Präsentationen sind ab sofort verfügbar – einige sogar auch für Nicht-Teilnehmer kostenfrei.
  • Zum Schluss möchten wir Ihnen diesen Monat den Leiter unserer Kommunikations-Abteilung vorstellen, Dominik Vogt. Viele von Ihnen kennen Ihn, jetzt erfahren Sie mehr über ihn und sein Team.

Mit besten Grüßen

Michael Carus
Geschäftsführer der nova-Institut GmbH

P.S.: Crowdfunding ist in aller Munde und auch wir werden in Zukunft unseren Kunden Crowdfunding anbieten. Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen, Experte für Naturmedizin und Mitgesellschafter des nova-Instituts, hat soeben eine weltweite Crowdfunding-Kampagne zum Thema Cannabis als Medizin gestartet: “Say Yes to Cannabis as Medicine”. Schauen Sie mal rein www.indiegogo.com/projects/say-yes-to-cannabis-as-medicine–5#


nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piErste nova-Session „Technology of the future: Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)“

4. Mai 2016 am Flughafen Köln/Bonn ++ Programm online

Interessierte Experten aus Industrie, Verbänden, Politik und Zivilsektor sind nun dazu eingeladen, ihr Wissen auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen und die aktuellen Entwicklungen in der CO2-Nutzung eingehend zu diskutieren. nova-Sessions mischen die Standardkonzepte gewöhnlicher Workshops auf und bieten Raum für Expertengespräche auf höchstem Niveau.Programm und Anmeldung unter www.bio-based.eu/nova-sessions Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 20 Personen begrenzt.

Mehr Informationen hier.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piNeue Marktstudie „Consumption of biodegradable and compostable plastic products in Europe”

über 300 Folien zu Märkten, Herstellern und politischen Rahmenbedingungen

Das nova-Institut veröffentlicht die erste umfassende Marktstudie zum Verbrauch von biologisch abbaubaren und kompostierbaren Kunststoffprodukten in Europa. Die englischsprachige Studie enthält mehr als 200 PowerPoint® Folien zu Markt- und Unternehmensdaten, aussichtsreichen Anwendungen und ein Feature über Bioabbaubarkeit und Kompostierung in Europa. Auf weiteren 100 Folien werden die politischen und gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen in Europa und den erfassten Mitgliedstaaten dargestellt und erläutert.

Mehr Informationen hier.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piNeue Marktstudien zu Hanf als Lebensmittel und Pharmazeutikum

Steigende Nachfrage Lebensmitteln, Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln und der Pharmaindustrie

Das nova-Institut (Hürth) und HempConsult (Düsseldorf) haben die wachsenden Märkte für Hanflebensmittel und, in einer zweiten Studie, die Märkte für das nicht-psychotrope Cannabinoid CBD, das zunehmend als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und Medikament nachgefragt wird, untersucht.

Mehr Informationen hier.

15-06-29-BWK-Banner-150x56Innovationspreis “Bio-based Material of the Year 2016″ vergeben

5. – 6. April 2016, Maternushaus, Köln

Die Sieger wurden von den Teilnehmern der neunten „International Conference on Bio-based Materials“, 5. und 6. April 2016 in Köln, gewählt. Die Vorträge der Veranstaltung sind jetzt erhältlich unter www.bio-based.eu/proceedings

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

nova-Logo_Newsletter_150piDas nova-Institut sucht einen neuen Communications Manager (m/w)

Aufgabenschwerpunkte umfassen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Kommunikation in EU-Projekten sowie allgemeine Marketingtätigkeiten für unsere Dienstleistungen im Bereich der bio-basierten Ökonomie

Wir suchen Teamplayer mit starkem Engagement, kreativen Ideen und einer strukturierten, ergebnisorientierten Arbeitsweise. Wir bieten ein anregendes Arbeitsumfeld in einem jungen internationalen Team mit Gelegenheit für Eigeninitiative. Arbeitsort ist Hürth bei Köln.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

AVK-Fachtagung-12. AVK-Fachtagung Naturfaserverstärkte Kunststoffe

10. Mai 2016, IVW Kaiserslautern

Naturfaserverstärkter Kunststoff ist das besondere Material für die automobile Großserie & darüber hinaus. Die Werkstoffe sind etabliert und verfügen dennoch über ein hohes Zukunftspotential. Informieren Sie sich über aktuelle Trends, Neuigkeiten und Materialentwicklungen. Lernen Sie darüber hinaus Experten kennen und erweitern Sie ihr Netzwerk. FACHTAGUNG – NETZWERK – DISKUSSIONSPLATTFORM

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

l-ce-150x65Composites Europe

29. November – 1. Dezember, Düsseldorf

Wie effektiv Nachhaltigkeit sein kann, wenn es um Leichtbaukonzepte, Materialien und die modernsten Produktions- und Automatisierungslösungen geht, zeigen die Aussteller auf dem Gemeinschaftsstand für „bio-based composites“, der zum dritten Mal in Kooperation mit dem nova-Institut auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE entsteht.

Mehr Informationen hier.

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 2016-04-27.


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