25 November 2020

TOP nova-Institute’s Winter Special – 20 % discount on all market and trend reports till 8 January 2021

From technologies over building blocks and polymers to fine chemicals: Get the latest and upcoming reports on bio- and CO2-based and recycling markets for a special price

nova-Institute’s market and trend reports are considered the leading reports in their specific sectors. They have been published in new and updated versions for many years and are an established standard for many brand manufacturers and chemical and plastics companies. The portfolio of nova-Institute’s market reports covers all relevant topics on renewable carbon: Feedstocks for the chemical industry, from biomass over CO2 to chemical recycling. The reports also offer comprehensive overviews of bio-based and CO2-based building blocks and polymers. Moreover, you will find elaborate analyses of biodegradability, guidelines, standards and labels for bio-based products. They also include an overview of current technologies, policies, key players and the latest market data.

The upcoming extensive report on technologies for cannabinoid production will broaden the portfolio to include these specific fine chemicals as pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic ingredient.

The market and trend reports were compiled from nova experts together with leading international experts and are among the most reliable and recognized sources on the market.
With the allowance code novaWinSpec20 customers get a 20 % discount on all seventeen market reports available on www.bio-based.eu/reports. Voucher code is reusable.

In our eyes of particular interest are the recently published detailed overview report on chemical recycling and the pre-order of the yet unpublished report on cannabinoid production technologies:

Market and technology reports Chemical recycling“Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends and Challenges. Technologies, Sustainability, Policy and Key Players”. On 190 pages, the report provides deep insights into current developments in order to assert a position in the current discussion that is based on clear definitions and categorisations of all technologies. More than 70 companies and research institutes, which developed and offer chemical recycling technologies, are presented in the report. Each company is listed with its technologies and current status, investment and cooperation partners. Additionally, the report provides an overview of waste policy in the European Union. And finally, 10 companies and research institutes were interviewed to receive first-hand information about the topic of chemical recycling.

“Production of Cannabinoids via Extraction, Chemicals Synthesis and especially Biotechnology”. This brand-new report is the first and only available report detailing the production of cannabinoids. On 140 pages, the report provides an in-depth overview on state-of-the art and future technologies for cannabinoid production. Besides long-term established cannabinoid production routes via extraction from the plant or chemical synthesis, the use of biotechnology is increasingly emancipating. What are the advantages and disadvantages of biotechnological cannabinoid production compared to the conventional processes? Can biotechnology compete or even outperform the conventional processes of plant extraction and chemical synthesis?

Noteworthy is also our special offer on the regularly updated reports on CO2 as feedstock and on bio-based building blocks and polymers:

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) as chemical feedstock for polymers – technologies, polymers, developers and producers”, the third updated version of this unique trend report includes almost 100 pages on various existing and future technologies for the utilisation of CO2 as a chemical feedstock for a wide range of polymers.

“Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2020 – 2025”, the annually updated version of this over 300 pages long market report will highlight recent developments in the bio-based building block and polymer market, e.g. increasing capacities for bio-based naphtha for polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) production, new installations to ensure the growing demand for polylactic acid (PLA), as well as several interesting insights on a total number of 21 building blocks and 18 polymers.

As our special offer you can order the current 2020 versions of these two market reports with a 20 % discount code (novaWinSpec20) at www.bio-based.eu/reports and receive the updated version at the end of January 2021 free of charge.

The Winter Special is available till 8 January 2021.

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 20-11-24


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