2 Mai 2007

nova-Institut and ReifenhäuserExtrusion are offering an innovation award in the context of the Second German WPC Congress

For the first time, an innovation award is offered for the new material group of wood plastic composites (WPC) – and that in even two categories: Product in-novation and technique/process innovation. The award aims at highlighting the present developments of the still young industry, thus embedding this material in the consciousness of engineers and decision makers. The presenta-tion and award ceremony will take place in the framework of the Second German WPC Congress (4 and 5 December 2007) in Cologne.

The innovation award wants to sensitise the WPC branch – but also interested companies from outside the industry – to innovative ideas in both the product development and product design sector, as well as to the realisation of new technologies, methods, tools and formulations. In practical terms, the competition shall stimulate the development of new applications that are appropriate for the material involved and markets for wood plastic composites. Particularly in the year of the International Plastics Trade Fair K`07, a lot of innovations are expected, the most important of which will be especially recognised in the framework of the Second German WPC Congress.

For the congress that is organised again by the nova-Institut with support from numerous partners, sponsors and associations, more than 300 international trade visitors are expected again.

Award ceremonies in two categories
The category “product innovations” focuses on any product consisting of WPC (according to the nova definition) with a wood content of at least 50%. This product should have been introduced to the market in the year of 2007 or its market introduc-tion be imminent. Theoretical ideas, mere product samples without marketing con-cept or design studies are not accepted.

In the category of technology and process innovations, special developments in the field of process optimisation, mechanical engineering and tool making, formulations or similar topics can be awarded. The technology term is intentionally widely defined here. These innovations should be used for the first time in 2007 or at least ready to be produced on an industrial scale.

Ceremony in a festive atmosphere
The awards ceremony will be hold in a festive atmosphere at a gala dinner in the congress hall of the renowned Maritim hotel in Cologne on the occasion of the Second German WPC Congress.

The “top 3″ of both categories exhibit their innovations on a shared exhibition area and get free entrance as well as the possibility to present their innovations at the WPC Congress in the form of short lectures. All the award winners of the two catego-ries and their innovations will be highlighted in the media work and added to the con-gress documents.
Please note: Cash refunding of the price or the free ticket, as well as setting these of against other services by nova-Institut GmbH and its partners are not possible; there is no right of appeal.

Application procedure
The participants are expected to file a two DIN A4 page description of their product or their innovation as well as printable picture material in digital form. The accompany-ing letter has to make clear what kind of price is aimed at and what constitutes the innovation according to the appraisal criteria. If technically possible, the product itself should also be sent.

Filing deadline is 30 September 2007.

As a matter of course, the competition documents are treated strictly confidential so that any first time presentation at any other occasion (for example at the K`07) will not be endangered.
A jury consisting of representatives from nova-Institut, the Reifenhäuser company as well as representatives from other partners will nominate the especially outstanding “top 3” of both categories; the voting of the “1st place” will be done by a vote of all trade visitors on the first event day.

Please address the documents to:
nova-Institut GmbH
Keyword: WPC Innovation Award
Goldenbergstr. 2
D-50354 Hürth
E-Mail: contact@wpc-kongress.de

You can find more up-to-date information on the competition and congress as well as from the whole industry on www.wpc-kongress.de.

Kovalex_Reifenhauser-0013_ret_2_klein.jpgThe Partners
Reifenhäuser EXTRUSION GmbH & Co. KG, Troisdorf

The Reifenhäuser Group worldwide belongs to the leading suppliers of machines and plants for the plasticising of thermoplastic materials. With its parent company, the engine works Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG, as well as the subsidiary companies Reifenhäuser EXTRUSION, Reifenhäuser REICOFIL, Reifenhäuser China, REILOY, Polyrema and Reimotec, the group complies with the requirements on both a national and international level. Reifenhäuser products feature technological lead, economic efficiency and reliability. The special strength of the Reifenhäuser Group lies in the experience that has grown over many decades, the flexibility with which market de-velopments are anticipated, in its innovation power as proven by many patents and in the service competence that in all sectors is always oriented towards the needs of the customers.

Six extrusion lines for the production of wood polymere composites. The twin-screw extruders “Bitruder” from Reifenhäuser serve as a basis for these plants. (Source: Reifenhäuser)

nova- Institut GmbH, Hürth
The nova-Institut was founded in 1994 as a private, independent institute. The de-partment renewable resources – like no other institute or private consulting firm in Germany – within the field of renewable resources has focused on the following main topics:

  • Market analysises: buying and sales markets, structures, actors
  • (micro and macro) Economic analysises
  • Potential studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing concepts
  • Symposia

In these fields, numerous studies and projects were – and still are – conducted in re-cent years, specialised articles published and specialised lectures held by an inter-disciplinary team of natural scientists, economists and engineers. In addition, nova-Institut acts as organiser of several (inter-)national symposiums on selected topics of renewable resources (N-FibreBase, WPC-Kongress, EIHA-Conference etc.).

Download the PDF here.

(Cf. news of 2006-12-27.)

Source: nova-Institut und ReifenhäuserExtrusion, 2007-04-30.

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