25 Mai 2011

NNFCC publish series of renewable chemicals factsheets

Factsheets covering key renewable platform chemicals

The NNFCC have produced a series of six factsheets, providing basic information on renewable or bio-based chemicals.

Around 90 per cent of the chemicals we use today come from fossil sources, but the use of renewable chemicals is rapidly expanding.

Renewable chemical manufacturing is blossoming and global production now stands at around 50 million tonnes. Advanced technologies are opening up new feedstocks and allowing the manufacture of a greater range of products.

These factsheets cover the key renewable platform chemicals starch, lignin, ethanol, lactic acid and succinic acid, as well as the biomass fractionation technology.

Each factsheet gives you a basic overview of the technological process involved, its applications, current status, potential market and environmental impact. Links and references are also included to provide you with further reading.

Further information
The six factsheets are available to download

Source: NNFCC, 2011-05-25.


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