30 Januar 2004

NFU Dismayed at Government Response on Biofuels

The NFU today expressed disappointment that the Government’s response to the EFRA committee report on Biofuels fails to address the main areas of criticism.

The government has also failed to adopt EFRA’s main recommendations, such as the need for a lead department on biofuels and a strategy to combat criticism of a “muddled and unfocussed” policy on biofuels.

The Government response further undermines any chance of the UK meeting or getting close to the EU’s target of 2% bio-fuel usage in road fuels by 2005.

The NFU are also concerned that Government has not taken the threat of imported biofuels, with lower environmental credentials, seriously. There is a risk of developing UK producers, with strict environmental standards, being undercut by non EU imports.

However, the NFU are pleased that the government recognise the positive impacts to both farm incomes and the rural economy from biofuel production and its minimal impacts on the environment.

“We are missing a wonderful opportunity for UK farmers to contribute to tackling carbon dioxide emissions at a time of increased concern about global warming and climate change.

“The magnitude of the task in tackling climate change and the long term consequences for future generations if we fail cannot be underestimated.”

Source: NFUonline vom 2004-01-29.

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