26 Mai 2015

Newsflash: Updated EUBP publications available online

Papers now feature latest market data and new developments

Dear Members,

We have updated most of our publications on our website, including background papers and fact sheets, position papers, and brochures, amending the papers according to the latest developments in the market and changes in the regulative framework.

The fact sheets on “Bioplastics”, “Packaging”, “Automotive market”, “End of life”, and “Renewable ressources” as well as our position paper on the “Industrial use of agricultural feedstock” now feature the latest numbers of our market data update from December 2014.

Furthermore, we have updated the data on production capacities, waste quantities, and market developments in several background papers, including “Anaerobic digestion”, “Home composting”, “Landfilling”, “Energy recovery”, and “Mechanical recycling”.

You can find all updated publications online on our website: en.european-bioplastics.org/multimedia/. Please make sure to download the latest versions before you cite or distribute the papers.

We are currently updating the background paper on “Feedstock recovery” and are working on two new position papers on the issues of “Home composting” and “Anaerobic digestion”, which will be published in the coming weeks.

For questions or comments on any of the publications, please contact Kristy-Barbara Lange at lange@european-bioplastics.org or Katrin Schwede at schwede@european-bioplastics.org.

If you have questions about this Newsflash, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Hasso v. Pogrell
Managing Director

Source: European Bioplastics Newsflash, 2015-05-20.


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