11 März 2013

Newlight Partners With Biomer To Expand Sales of Greenhouse Gas-Derived PHA Plastics

Newlight Acquires the Rights to Biomer Intellectual Property

Newlight Technologies and Biomer announced today that the two companies have executed a partnership to expand sales of greenhouse gas-based PHA plastics. Under the terms of the partnership, Newlight has acquired the rights to Biomer’s intellectual property, including for the functional modification of PHAs.

Under the partnership, Newlight will combine the company’s high yield greenhouse gas-to-PHA conversion and functionalization technologies with Biomer’s expertise in the functional modification of PHA plastics to generate high-performance, cost-effective, sustainable PHA materials.

“Biomer has been a leader in the field of PHA for many years, and we are honored to build on this legacy,” said Newlight CEO, Mark Herrema. “By combining Biomer’s unique intellectual property with Newlight’s high yield gas-to-plastic conversion and functionalization technologies, we have an opportunity to fundamentally transform the sustainable materials market, and we intend to do so.”

“Newlight’s high yield technology opens the door to a new cost structure for the production of PHAs that will enable us to leverage our functionalization portfolio to expand sales in new markets,” said Urs Haenggi, Founder and President of Biomer. “We are pleased to partner with Newlight, and look forward to a bright future together.”

About Newlight
Founded in 2003, Newlight has developed breakthrough technology to convert greenhouse gas into high-performance, sustainable PHA plastics at high yield. Newlight’s carbon capture technology is operable using a wide range of gas sources, including greenhouse gases derived from landfills, digesters, wastewater facilities, and energy facilities, and offers a market-driven path to simultaneously reduce both petroleum consumption and atmospheric carbon while increasing the use of sustainable materials.

Newlight is currently selling the company’s greenhouse gas-derived PHA plastics to customers with applications ranging from films to furniture parts to storage containers, including an $8 billion consumer goods manufacturer and one of the largest classroom and office furniture manufacturers in the United States. Newlight holds nine issued or allowed patents and hundreds of patent-pending claims on the company’s high yield carbon capture technology, and is in the process of significantly expanding production.

About Biomer
Founded in 1993, Biomer has focused from the company’s inception on “transforming” PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) biopolymers into high-performance bioplastics. Today, Biomer offers a range of PHA grades, including grades designed specifically for outdoor applications (including leisure and sports applications) as well as high-demand technical applications, such as low creep and impact resistant technical parts.

Source: Newlight Technologies, press release, 2013-03-11.


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