29 August 2016

New cup recycling system introduced at Dutch Performing Arts Festival “Noorderzon”

PLA cups themed: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

This week, a new recycling system for sustainable drinking cups will be introduced at “Noorderzon Festival” in Groningen, The Netherlands. The disposable bioplastic (PLA) cups are made out of renewable resources and can be industrially composted. For this project the cups will be recycled and made into drink tokens for the next edition of the Festival.

nz4During the festival, multiple companies such as Rotterdam based Bio Futura B.V. will join forces and gather approximately 500.000 bioplastic cups, which will be recycled. Visitors are asked for help and will be rewarded a drink token for every 50 cups they hand in, meaning there are 10.000 drink tokens to be awarded! The last few days we have spotted quite a few kids scouring the venue for empty cups. These cups will be transported to a Belgian factory, specialized in recycling. Here they will be shredded, washed and melted into granulate, ready to be made into drink tokens for the 2017 edition of the “Noorderzon Festival”. A great example of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The festival has been using bioplastic cups for many years now. These cups are made from PLA, a biobased material made from renewable resources. During the production a significantly lower amount of CO² is released in comparison to petroleum based plastics. After use the material can be industrially composted or transformed into biogas. In many ways recycling would be an even more sustainable option than composting. Through recycling, the raw material can be saved and this completely closes the loop.

The “Noorderzon Festival” will take place from the 18th till the 28th of August in Groningen, The Netherlands. The festival offers a wide range of activities and performances. Next to this, the festival also pays attention to science and innovation. It is thanks to these constant innovations that we are able to get few steps closer to a biobased economy.

The collaborating partners are

Bio Futura B.V. Intermediary during this project. Develops and distributes biobased products.

Noorderzon Green Key Certified festival for performing arts.

Natureworks World’s best known producer of PLA.

Huhtamaki European based producer of PLA cups.

Looplife Recycling specialist, who will recycle the cups.

Bio Futura B.V. mission has always been to replace as many oil based plastics as possible by biobased alternatives and to cater to a wide audience.

Through the effort and enthusiasm of the festival and the partners the project is looking to be a success!



Wouter Moekotte, owner and founder of Bio Futura B.V.
Tel. +316-14759928
Email. wouter@biofutura.nl

Source: Bio Futura, press release, 2016-08-23.


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