26 Juli 2006

New bioplastics portal is launched

New internet site www.bioplastics24.com offers a professional platform where products and services within the growing bioplastics sphere can be presented

The new internet site bioplastics24.com provides information on current news and developments in the area of bioplastics. The authors of the site have gathered extensive and up-to-date information relating to bioplastics.

Interested consumers can marvel at the numerous applications of bioplastics, such as packaging and catering products, flower pots and gardening materials, garbage bags, sanitary and medical products.

Bioplastics24.com offers a professional platform to present the companies, products and services within this innovative growth market. Therefore, bioplastics24.com also provides a directory of manufacturers and traders, sorted by area of application and types of plastics. Together with the list of relevant organisations and institutions, there now are over 100 entries registered on the site.

“With the current increase in the price of oil, alternatives are becoming more and more economically relevant in the plastics industry”, says Stefan Krämer, one of the authors of the internet site, which primarily addresses companies that are active within the expanding bioplastics sphere.

Bioplastics are synthetic materials that are produced mainly from renewable primary products. Most bioplastics are biodegradable and can be disposed as organic waste. This fact is also one of the main reasons that bioplastics are economically advantageous: the use of bioplastics avoids high disposal costs, which is especially of interest to manufacturers and consumers of perishable packaging and in the catering and hospitality industry. Bioplastics are versatile and can be used in many different applications.

Press contact:
Stefan Krämer, bioplastics24.com
Phone: +49 176 22090240
e-mail: info@bioplastics24.com

Source: bioplastics24.com, July 26, 2006.

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