25 Februar 2009

New additives for controlled polymerisation of PLA

PLA to be processed conveniently in standard polymer processing equipment

PURAC and AkzoNobel have developed additives through a specific organic peroxide technology for the production of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) a bioplastic made from biorenewable, carbohydrate-based raw materials. The additives play an important role in controlling the polymerization by which PLA can be processed conveniently in standard, commercial polymer processing equipment.

Under the new process, AkzoNobel’s organic peroxides selectively switch off polymerization catalysts, improving the quality and stability of the PLA polymer. The resulting PLA is more stable in melt processing, has consistent flow properties and maintains a positive environmental profile.

The strategic partnership between PURAC and AkzoNobel broadens the applications for PLA in the growing biopolymer market. Both companies anticipate a very strong development in the usage of PLA as material properties are further enhanced and availability of PLA is increased. This new PURAC-AkzoNobel technology is exclusively available to PURAC lactide partners.

Source: PURAC, press release, 2009-01-27.


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