16 März 2012

Network gives boost to composting certification for bioplastics

The first certification network for compostable bioplastic products

With cosmetic and personal care consumers increasingly demanding more environmentally-friendly packaging, a new initiative is giving more impetus to a certification programme for compostable packaging like bioplastics.

Packaging manufacturers complying with European standard EN 13432 / 14955 will in turn earn ‘seedling’ certification, the EU-wide eco-logo that was launched by the European Bioplastics ogranisation to identify manufacturers that have met the standard.

Currently the only certification body handling the standard is German certifier Din Certco, but a planned network of certifiers is in the making, confirmed by the addition of Belgian certifier Vinçotte, which gains certification authorisation from the beginning of next month.

… Full Text: http://www.cosmeticsdesign-europe.com/Packaging-Design/Network-gives-boost-to-composting-certification-for-bioplastics

Tags: ‘seedling’ certification, certification network, compostable bioplastic products

Source: Cosmetics Design-Europe, 2012-03-16.


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