7 Mai 2008

Neste Oil launches unique renewable diesel commercially in Finland

Neste Green diesel suitable for all diesel engines, contains at least 10% renewable fuel

A pioneer in the renewable fuel business, Neste Oil, has commercially launched a unique renewable diesel, the Neste Green diesel, in Finland. Neste Oil is the first company in the world to bring out a renewable diesel that suits all diesel motors.

Neste Oil guarantees that Neste Green diesel contains at least 10% renewable fuel in the form of Neste Oil’s unique NExBTL component. Using the NExBTL component improves the air quality in cities due to reduced particle emissions and reduces also greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Neste Green diesel will first become available in the metropolitan region around Helsinki after which distribution will be extended to other parts of Finland on a phased basis.

The fuel of year 2020 available now
“Neste Green diesel is a mixture of traditional fossil diesel and Neste Oil’s renewable NExBTL component,” says Simo Honkanen, VP Renewable Fuels, Neste Oil. “Currently the EU requires a bio content of 2%. We are committed to our role as a pioneer of the renewable fuel industry, so our product has a bio content of 10% minimum. According to current plans, this will only be required in year 2020.”

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV), Helsinki City Transport (HKL), environmental technology group Proventia and Neste Oil have already teamed up to test 100% NExBTL in the Helsinki metropolitan area public transportation. The aim of the cooperation is to promote the use of biofuels and improve the quality of city air.

NExBTL – Clean and sustainable mobility in the 21st century
Produced with Neste Oil’s unique technology, NExBTL renewable diesel is an advanced fuel based on renewable, sustainably produced raw materials that performs more efficiently and has a lower level of environmental impact than fossil diesel or FAME-type biodiesel. NExBTL renewable diesel has 40-60% lower greenhouse gas emissions over its entire lifecycle compared to fossil diesel. It can be blended with conventional diesel fuel or used as such, and is suitable for all diesel engines.

Neste Oil currently operates its first NExBTL renewable diesel unit at the Porvoo oil refinery in Finland. A second NExBTL plant is under construction at Porvoo and a third unit in Singapore. Neste Oil intends to become the global leader in renewable diesel.

NExBTL’s raw materials include palm oil, rapeseed oil, and animal fats. Neste Oil’s NExBTL technology is one of the most flexible technologies in terms of possible feedstocks. Neste Oil’s aim is to move on to using only inedible feedstocks. The medium term goal is to increase the proportion of inedible feedstocks to 60% in 10 years.

Ongoing R&D for the well-being of people and the environment
All Neste Oil’s operations are based on the principles of sustainability and the well-being of people and the environment. Advanced biofuels that are produced sustainably have the potential to make an important contribution to reducing the environmental impact resulting from transport. Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel is one such product, and is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using NExBTL also helps improve overall air quality, as it generates significantly less nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions as well.

The bulk of Neste Oil’s current R&D effort is focused on developing new biofuel raw materials and making use of these non-food sources as soon as possible. Research is being carried out with over 20 universities and research institutions around the world, looking into a range of potential raw materials. Neste Oil has already tested jatropha oil, for example, and is developing ways of making use of forestry harvesting waste and algae. The time required to develop and commercialize these raw materials, however, means that it will be several more years before they become available.

(Cf. news from 2007-12-03.)

Source: Neste Oil, 2008-05-06.

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