21 Oktober 2009

Nanotech for biobased waterproof barriers on paper

Topchim–Cargill cooperation in Brazil

Cargill, one of the world’s biggest companies in the food industry, and Topchim, a Belgian company of specialty chemistry research, announce their strategic partnership to produce a sustainable line of products in Brazil to be used for paper and board applications. The first product is called TopScreen DS13, a product made mainly from vegetal sources, which when applied on a paper surface results in a resistant water proof barrier. The product is an alternative for polyethylene, paraffin and acrylic resin, products derived from mineral oil and that are currently used for similar applications.

The TopScreen DS13 was developed by Topchim using Nanotechnology (research and production of materials on the nano scale level) and it has been produced for the first time in August this year by Cargill in its Mairinque’s plant.

The novelty will officially be presented on the 2009 edition of ABTCP, which will take place from October 26th to 29th, at ExpoTransamérica, in São Paulo. “We are presenting a solution to our clients in the packaging sector who seek for sustainable products. Paper or board treated with TopScreen is totally recyclable as the TopScreen is just like paper made out of a vegetal source, which is not the case with the currently used products”, emphasizes Cargill’s commercial director, Paulo Hoffman.

Topchim is specialized in solutions for the paper, board and packaging industry and is a pioneer in the use of Nanotechnology for the development of customer designed nano-particles. Cargill is a world leader in vegetal oils, a main component used in this technology. “Topchim is committed with its researchs to seek solutions that respect the environment and that are furthermore economically attractive”, says Henk Van den Abbeele, president of Topchim and head of Research and Development.

Fabiana Batista
Tel.: 0055-11 50 99-3446
E-Mail: fabiana_batista@cargill.com

Source: Cargill Inc., press release, 2009-10-09.


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