11 Juli 2013

Mushroom Tiny House: The part-grown portable home

Building kit with inserted mushroom-based insulation by Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design is best known for making sustainable mushroom-based products which can be used as an alternative to Styrofoam, but the company has now turned its hand to making a tiny house on wheels from fungi. At least in part, anyway …

The company’s enthusiastic claims of “growing a house” may be putting it a little too strongly, as the Mushroom Tiny House requires other materials (mostly wood) to construct, too. That said, the project holds considerable promise for both tiny home enthusiasts and, more generally, larger-scale sustainable building.

… Full text: www.gizmag.com/mushroom-tiny-house/28248/

Tags: insulation, small living options, Tiny Tack House, structural insulated panels SIPS, mycelium

Source: gizmag, 2013-07-11.


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