20 Februar 2007

Multi functional grinder with hemp flap disc now available in Australia

111 Abrasives Australia has introduced Pipe fix multi functional grinder, a multi-functional polisher used for high quality and decorative finishes and even enabling grinding and polishing of open and closed pipe constructions. For equipment they offer several flap discs, especially the Plantex.

Plantex is a high performance flap disc made in Germany and is economically priced. It is made of natural hemp fibres, THC-reduced, legally licensed hemp varieties bound with polypropylene and unique patented cold bonding process with 100% pure zirconia flaps.

Hemp fibre high tech compound is an almost ideal base material for backing discs for flap discs. Hemp fibre is elastic, heat-absorbent for low grinding temperatures, particularly easy to trim, safe to use and easy to dispose of not special waste.


The cavities of hemp fibre structure in conjunction with PP have a highly insulating, damping and noise-reducing effect. Plantex flap disc has been developed to replace the glass fibre disc.

The hemp fibre used is harmless, can be disposed of easily and is made mainly of sustainable natural materials that produce a good CO2 balance throughout the process from production to disposal.

111 Abrasives Australia Pty. Ltd. t/a Mullner Enterprises
3 Healy Court
Ormeau QLD 4213
Phone 07 / 5546 6026 or 07 / 5547 6388
Fax 07 / 5546 6381
E-Mail sales@mullner.com.au

(Cf. news of 2005-05-04 and 2004-11-22.)

Source: Ferret, press release, 2007-02-15.

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