25 März 2013

Ministers block EU proposal to limit some biofuels

Environment ministers concerning worse impact from first-generation biofuels than conventionally extracted oil

Several European ministers are blocking the EU’s proposal to curb the use of conventional biofuels, while some dispute claims the demand for crop-based oils drives deforestation and food insecurity in other parts of the world.

A majority of EU environment ministers expressed concern over the European Commission’s proposed 5% cap on the inclusion of so-called first-generation biofuels in member states’ renewable energy targets, despite evidence that the fuel can have a worse impact on carbon emissions than conventionally extracted oil.

… Full text: www.euractiv.com/climate-environment/ministers-block-eu-proposal-limi-news-518698

Tags: grain crops, wheat, soy, food price, monoculture, Industry collapse, cellulosic ethanol, algae, lifecycle carbon emissions, pesticides

Source: EurActiv, 2013-03-25.


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