12 Oktober 2007

Medicinal plants: A colouring book about medicinal plants of North America

A new colouring book about medicinal plants of North America has been released for children. The book features black and white drawings of 14 plants by botanical illustrator DD Dowden plus information about past and current medicinal uses of the plants, fascinating facts (from tidbits of lore to conservation status and dangerous side effects), and colouring tips. Included plants were chosen for their anecdotal and visual interest and fun for kids, as well as medicinal importance.

They include American Ginseng, Calendula, Cranberry, Dandelion, Echinacea, Flax, Lobelia, Marsh Mallow, Mayapple, Milk Thistle, Pleurisy Root, Saint Johns Wort, White Willow, and Yew. All the plants thrive in North America, but not all are natives – teaching children about introduced species and that one man’s weed may be another man’s valuable medicine. “Plant Detective” Flora Delaterre begins the book with a one-page introduction about phytomedicinals and ends it with conservation action information.

“The Plant Detective” is a short-format public-radio show produced by Montana Public Radio since 1996. Highlighting one medicinal plant per show, it airs on public and community radio stations from Galena, Alaska, to Whiteriver, Arizona, from Cape Cod to Indianapolis and Portland to Quebec. Information on the show is delivered by botanical gumshoe Flora Delaterre. Radio show producer Beth Judy is the author of the colouring book.

More about the book, including its cover and a spread from inside, can be seen at: http://www.floradelaterre.com

(Cf. news of 2007-08-29, 2006-11-02 and 2004-02-12.)

Source: FAO NWFP-Digest-L, No. 10/07, 2007-10-11.

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