4 Mai 2007

Meat pads made with bioplastics

An absorbent meat presentation surface combining a cellulose material and a bioplastic is trialled by supermarket retailers. The British company Sirane has developed a compostable supermarket display pad for meat. It is made from bioplastics to allow post-use composting.

The company has spent three years developing its absorbent pads “Resolve”, which it says eliminate meat discolouration. The pads also control the surface moisture of the meat, so that the underneath looks as fresh as the top. The upper side is a layer of Mater-Bi, the bioplastic that the Italian company Novamont produces from corn starch. This is laminated with a cellulose material on the other side bonded with a natural gum resin.

Sirane says the pads fully biodegrade in landfill and home composters. The pads can be used in packs and on display counters. Trials are being carried out by major supermarket retailers and the first “Resolve” pads are due to appear in shops over the coming months.

Sirane is already developing the next generation of Resolve, for which patents have been applied. In the next product, pack trays and film as well as pads will be made using the same compostable polymer technology.
The Polymer Cluster has provided business and marketing support to Sirane since the company was founded in 2003.

Source: PRW, 2007-04-24

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