7 September 2004

Market reports QII fatty acids prices going up

Second quarter Fatty Acid prices underwent increases of between 2 and 15 c/lb. The reason for these price increases is two-fold: i) the price of fats and oils remained high, ii) energy continues to come at high cost (Brent Crude currently USD 41.5/ barrel). Triple pressed stearic acid for Q2 ranged from 33 to 37 c/lb; Rubber Grade stearic acid from 28 to 34 c/lb and Oleic acid from 51 to 53 c/lb. Should you require more information, please contact James Standage (james.standage@hbint.com) from Oleoline in order to subscribe to our two-weekly Fatty Acid and Glycerine Report.

Source: www.oleoline.com vom 2004-09-03.

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