6 April 2010

Lenzing expands product range with bamboo stem fibers

Lenzing and Litrax introduce combination of Tencel and Litrax-1

Lenzing and Litrax together have introduced a unique combination of Tencel and Litrax-1 natural bamboo stem fibers. “We see Lenzing as an ideal partner due to their world leadership in man-made cellulose fibers such as Tencel, Lenzing Modal and Lenzing Viscose,” said Felix Stutz, president of Litrax.

Already a leader in ecological fiber innovation, Lenzing has shown through the Botanic Concept how its fibers are an ecological alternative to cotton. A lifecycle assessment also demonstrated Lenzing’s environmentally sound processes.

Four spinning partners have been selected to introduce this special bamboo yarn to the textile industry. These spinners will create a range of worsted and ring spun yarns for the market.

Litrax will deliver the Litrax-1 natural bamboo fibers with a special DNA coding to protect its vertical supply chain and customers. The DNA coding will ensure that purchasers are buying the original, authentic bamboo fiber from Litrax-1.

Litrax’s goal is to manufacture natural fibers with mechanical and enzymatic processes. The first such product is bamboo which is a fast renewable resource with universal applications. In textiles, Litrax-1 bamboo can be combined with other fibers to create unique properties that will allow finished garments to provide enhanced comfort and many other benefits to the wearer.

Litrax has already launched stem fibers and nano particles in combination with manmade fibers to the market. Litrax is a sustainable, vertical and synergistic company, headquartered in Switzerland. It has developed natural and sustainable fibers and additives for various applications and industries including textiles, lifestyle, bioplastics and automotives.

Source: Nonwovens Industry, 2010-03-31.


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