16 Mai 2013

Leading algae company partners with global beauty innovators to bring a new generation of products to the industry

Heliae’s technology platform unlocks opportunity for a sustainable and natural feedstock

Heliae, an Arizona-based algae technology company, and The Clarecastle Group announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to bring novel algae-based products to the health and beauty industry. The partnership pairs a leader in algae science and production technology with a seasoned consortium of personal care and beauty industry executives with a track record of bringing innovative products to market.

Heliae’s technology platform, VolarisTM, offers the next generation of product innovation and customization to the health and beauty industry. Combined with a world-class algae science team and a robust library of species, Heliae is forging a path to a novel category of sustainable marine ingredients for cosmetics and personal care.

“There are over one hundred thousand strains of algae on the planet, each with a different product profile,” said Heliae President and CEO, Dan Simon. “Until now, the industry has barely scratched the surface with algae as a feedstock. Linking Heliae’s technology with the industry experience of Clarecastle is an opportunity to bring algae to the forefront of the cosmetics world.”

“We’ve watched algae with interest, but Heliae is offering a true differentiator,” said Robert Phillips, managing director of The Clarecastle Group. “The concept of a sustainable marine ingredient that is natural, customized, and grounded in sound science is one which will endure. We are eager to work with Heliae – there is no better technology partner to enable this novel ingredient category.”

A firm comprised of former cosmetic and personal care industry executives, The Clarecastle Group boasts a century of collective relevant expertise in designing, formulating, branding and launching novel cosmetic and personal care products.

“We are thrilled to have Clarecastle as a strategic partner,” said Paula Simpson, nutricosmetics expert and health & beauty advisor to Heliae. “Heliae has the science and product development ability, but Clarecastle brings a market understanding which will help connect passionate demand with the next generation of sustainable ingredients. This is a powerful partnership for the industry.”

About Heliae
Heliae® is a platform technology company that uses sunlight and waste carbon to produce high-value products from algae. Based in Gilbert, Ariz., Heliae is leveraging its core production technology into four target markets: nutrition, therapeutics, health & beauty and agrosciences. With a seasoned management team and world-class science, Heliae is advancing the future of the algae industry by delivering novel algae-based products to dynamic markets around the world.

About The Clarecastle Group
The Clarecastle Group is a Manhattan-based management consulting organization with strong global reach providing the highest level strategies and opportunities for its many and varied business clients. Along with its impeccable reputation, The Clarecastle Group offers client/partners cutting-edge expertise, creativity, diligence, reliability, accessibility and customized answers that work to deliver products to market the world over. Ongoing success, excellence and highest levels of client satisfaction are what make The Clarecastle Group one-of-a-kind and premier in its field.

Source: Heliae, press release, 2013-05-16.


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