11 Februar 2016

KaiCell Fibers launches advanced wood fibre venture in Finland

New biorefinery mill concept to house several downstream operators drawing on wood as primary raw material

Finnish bioeconomy confirms its dynamism. KaiCell Fibers has embarked  on a venture to construct a state-­of-­the-art biorefinery mill as core component in an industry park projected to house several downstream operators drawing on wood as primary raw material.

The project is based on an alliance between Kainuun Liitto (The Regional Council of Kainuu) and NC Capital Partners. KaiCell will tap into the Kainuu region’s extensive and currently under-­utilised fibre wood resources, and incorporate BAT (best available technology) to ensure high value-­added products, maximum raw material efficiencies and minimum environmental loads throughput the process. Production is planned to commence by 2020.

In a joint statement, KaiCell Fibers Chairman, Eero Suutari, and Director of Investor Relations, Martin Doktar, emphasised that although pulp production is fundamental to the business model, the company gives equal priority to providing a unique operating platform for its partners.

“The mill site will be large enough to accommodate our industrial partners, and we shall be adjusting our final mill design to suit their needs, as they become finalised. We want to attract downstream businesses that can succeed commercially as part of the KaiCell concept, and we can offer interesting  synergies and incentives to partners with sound business cases. Because of nondisclosure agreements and ongoing negotiations, detailed information about the pulps produced and the derived value-­added products are not available for publication at this time.”



Martin Doktar
tel +358 40 7312 144 or
email: martin.doktar@kaicellfibers.com

Mrs. Sanna Nikola-Määttä
KaiCell Fibers Ltd
Office Manager
tel +358 44 410 0745


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Source: Il Bioeconomista, KaiCell press release, 2016-02-09.


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