7 November 2011

John Burn Introduce the Sprayomer Bio-Based Reusable Vacuum Bag

Green technology ensures a cost-efficient production process

BildSprayomer™ Elastomer provides a cost-effective “Green” solution over conventional vacuum bagging films.

Whether you work with polyester, vinylester or epoxy resins, the Sprayomer eliminates considerable waste stream associated with typical bagging films and systems and is a reliable, durable and environmental friendly solution.


  • Eliminates consumables and resin waste

  • Gain control over bag bridging and wrinkles
  • Build seamless, netshape vacuum bags in any size or shape
  • Tear resistant bags are lightweight, durable and easy to handle
  • Silicone-free single component material, cleans up with distilled water

Foto Film


  • Durable – 250 parts from one bag
  • Flexible – 600% elongation
  • Seamless – No leakage, unlimited moldsize
  • Repairable – Easy to repair with a brush
  • Sprayable – Perfect net-shape
  • Low Permeability – Effective diffusion barrier
  • Prevulcanised – No catalyst needed, 1K
  • Solvent free – Water based
  • Puncture resistant – Durable no reinforcement needed
  • Silicone-free – No problem bonding or painting
  • Time saving – No need to search for leakages
  • Minimise Waste – No foil or tacky tape needed

Production of a SprayomerTM bag
Sprayomer is sprayed on to your mould with a the Quick Mold SprayerTM. This heated airless spraygun is able to spray bags of 1,5mm – 2mm thickness . A few layers is enough to produce a highly elastic, vacuum tight bag. The material cures overnight and is ready to use very shortly after that.

Airtight Sealing
To connect the vacuum bag airtight to your mould we use a Zipperseal. This consists of two rubber parts that work similair to a zipper. One part is bonded onto the mould, the other part is integrated into the Sprayomer vacuum bag. The bag is in place and vacuum tight in minutes.

Key Way seal with WFTC strips
Key Way seal with WFTC strips
Sprayomer Zipper Seal
Sprayomer Zipper Seal

Vacuum transport throughout the bag
To ensure a full vacuum, an air/resin transport strip (Waste Fluid Transfer Conduit, WFTC) is sprayed inside the bag. The structure of the strips surface is copied into the Sprayomer bag and can transport air.

About SR Composites
SR Composites develop, manufacture and distribute high performance SPRAYOMERTM materials to the composite industry. A renewable resource based spray on rubber, SPRAYOMERTM elastomer is a true spray-on net shape vacuum bag material. No splatter spray here! No reinforcement material needed here! SPRAYOMERTM product solutions include reusable vacuum bagging materials and reusable apparatus for resin infusion and pre-preg processing for fabricators, from beginners to open molders converting to closed molding to the advanced composite industry…
SPRAYOMERTM solutions are becoming the “Natural” alternative!

SR Composites offers the full range of value added solutions together with innovative packaging, demonstrations and comprehensive training in partnership with its SPRAYOMER™ Technology Distribution partners. As a result we are able to offer total customer support and a clear technical advantage. We also manufacture a wide range of reusable rubber formulations for various composite applications and processes including vacuum bags, pressure bags, bladder bags and intensifiers using fabrication techniques and integrated sealing systems that are amongst the most advanced and effective in the industry.

SPRAYOMERTM… The “Natural” choice for lowering your consumable cost and environmental footprint by reducing or eliminating products such as nylon film, vacuum bagging consumables, infusion mesh, flow media, peel ply, release film, breather, sealant tape and all single use vacuum connections. SPRAYOMERTM formulations and technology have been successful in use with polyester infusion resins, vinylester infusion resins, and epoxy infusion resins.

Source: John Burn, press release, 2011-11-07.


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