6 Juli 2009

Jatropha oil: Reference value for real market prices

Monthly indicator on the basis of rape seed oil and crude oil

The GEXSI Jatropha Price Indicator serves as a a reference value which – in the absence of a real market price for Jatropha – acts as a proxy for this price. The price indicator states a price for a European offtake market. The indicator consists of a weighted average of Rape oil and Brent Crude oil prices in Rotterdam as key benchmarks for Jatropha oil prices.

For the calculation of the index, mineral oil price are weighed with 20%, the rape oil price with 80%. In total, a 10% discount was assumed on the weighted average since Jatropha is a new product and will therefore probably trade at a discount, initially. The indicator is calculated on a monthy basis.

Further infomrmation

Jatropha Alliance
Josefstrasse 182
CH-8005 Zürich
Tel.: +41-44-440 44 10
E-Mail: info@jatropha-alliance.org

Source: Jatropha Alliance and The Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI), 2009-06.


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