9 August 2011

Is “food versus fuel” legacy holding back biofuel progress?

Science and Technology writer, Dr. Matthew Aylott, discusses the wider implications of the food v fuel debate at BusinessGreen.com

Food versus fuel is the itch that just won’t go away. Even though biofuels have been in our fuel tanks for over five years, the industry is still embroiled in a row which could be limiting our progress towards more sustainable fuels made from biomass.

Biofuels were once seen as the renewable solution to our transport needs, with the greenhouse gases being pumped out of car exhausts being absorbed again by plants to make yet more fuel. However, many have questioned whether we have enough land to feed ourselves and to sustainably produce biofuels…

To read the full article please visit Business Green.

Source: National Center for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials (NNFCC), press release, 2011-08-09.


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