14 August 2013

Irradiation of fat sources with UV light creates biomass feedstock for plastic

A green route to petroleum feedstocks: photochemistry of fats and oils

A method to convert oil, vegetables and animal fats into an ingredient for making plastics has been demonstrated by researchers

Irradiation of animal and vegetable fats with UV light produced long chain alkenes, dienes, trienes, and glycerol as the byproduct, said the study in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.

… Full text: www.foodproductiondaily.com/Innovations/Irradiation-of-fat-sources-with-UV-light-creates-biomass-feedstock-for-plastic

Tags: olefins, acrylic acid, photochemistry; fats; oils; fatty acids; triglycerides; Norrish type II reaction

Source: Foodproductiondaily, 2013-08-14.


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