8 Januar 2009

Ireland: Glycerin-to-plastic technology under development

Glycerin Plastics at up to 25% lower cost than petroleum-based plastics

Ireland-based company Biobode is developing technology that converts crude glycerine into commodity plastics. The glycerine accounts for 20 to 38 percent of the plastic’s volume, measured by weight, with the remainder of the material made from low-cost commodity chemicals.

The technology has been under development of two and a half years, and although currently working on a bench-scale, there are plans to produce it on a pilot scale in approximately 18 months time. Due to glycerin’s current low value, the plastic would cost 15 or 25 percent less than petroleum-based commodity plastics, depending on whether crude or technical grade glycerin was used, according to Scott O’Connor, Biobode’s Chief Executive Officer. The company is currently seeking partners to further develop and commercialise the technology.

Further information
Biodiesel magazine: Biobode develops glycerin-to-plastic technology

Source: National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC), 2008-12-21.

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