10 Oktober 2017

iPACKING-GREEN by PAPACKS & GOERNER GROUP – Intelligent “green” packaging

Innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable - Sustainable packaging is on the rise

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For over six years, the joint venture between the Goerner Group reports in Austria and Papacks Sales GmbH in Germany innovative advances in the packaging industry. With further development of free-form natural fibers and recycled waste paper, the so-called molded pulp or fiber form, to packaging, in particular packaging inlays now our joint project iPACKING GREEN achieved initial success. For a long time reaches this form of packaging Although ecological properties, yet a change away from the all known egg cartons is hardly possible.

We have had this potential in focus and forced both technology and material steadily. At times, replaced by plastic inlays, today avoid consumer a new awareness of environmental, form and many variants. New buying impulses arise to one third by emotional stimuli special packaging to the consumer. We are pleased about basic functions, but our eyes are focused on intelligent packaging. For this reason, optimize and perfect daily and do with iPACKING GREEN packaging ready for the future.

As a success for our development phase, we were able to register the 3D-wrap packaging for international patent through this joint development and optimization. An individual packaging from natural raw materials without the plastic, with a unique look and feel.

Benefits of a sustainable, efficient packaging occur from the first day of production. Cost savings, the high quality and innovation ensure that our customers achieve maximum success in all packaging-related environmental issues. Little to no disposal costs for environmentally friendly materials for a clean packaging cycle.

Unique packaging

The distinctive shell around a product arouses interest and offers excellent unique features in the product jungle of trade. Fast and intelligent packaging processes, product protection and sustainable utilization of already used packages are available as an overall concept for each individual development priority. By using molded fiber inlays a guaranteed easy and 100% hydrogen waste paper recycling for the customer is created without any additional effort. The elaborate eliminating plastic inlays or the like is completely eliminated. Environmental awareness to a new level.

Natural or recycled fibers conquer the packaging industry – innovative packaging should know on the rise and different production industries our environmental work to appreciate. The world is changing and more and more customers pay attention to the style of packaging. He explained this would be useful to you as a product manufacturer your nose in the battle for buyers forward.

For this reason, leading manufacturers in the field of smart phones, consumer electronics and computers have recognized the potential awakening of an advocacy package and your packaging concepts with profit for the company and the environment already converted.


For more detailed information, including a complete listing of benefits for the environment and cost savings of manufacturing companies: www.ipacking-green.com


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In the course of this year Greentec Awards 2017 in Berlin, one of the world’s greatest environmental and economic prices the overall concept of iPACKING-GREEN has been voted one of the TOP3. https://www.papacks.com/blog/greentec-awards-2017-nominierung/



About Goerner Group

The production company of Goerner Group have been working for decades with sustainable cardboard packaging. Printed sales packaging, fiber moldings made from recycled cardboard or pure pulp are two fields that grow rapidly. We are convinced that this sustainable packaging represents a logical alternative to plastic and Styrofoam packaging, from the price, as well as technological point of view. First of all, from sustainable point of view.

About Papacks Sales GmbH

Packaging waste not only destroys our environment, it costs businesses billions every year – alone for the production of often unnecessary disposable packaging. Papacks develops innovative packaging and concepts for companies and their sustainable and ecological cycle of the packaging. We believe that our planet is worthy of our best ideas and often gives himself. So we are constantly striving to implement on this basis both economically optimal and environmentally protective solutions for our customers and our environment. The focus is on Papacks the desire to reduce waste, avoid plastic and create closed loops in the packaging process to create a sustainable packaging process for companies.

Source: Papacks, press release, 2017-08-21.


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