13 Januar 2006

Invest In Industrial Hemp

Never has there been a better time to invest in Industrial Hemp. If you have read any books about hemp you will already know the potential number of uses. Up until the last 10 years there have been no companies actually putting into practice more than a fraction of these potentials.

Ecofibre Industries are building an agricultural industry for value added exports. Through the potential manufacturing of fibres for textile products, animal bedding, plastics, paper pulp and building products Ecofibre see their potential as huge. Ecofibre have spent the past decade preparing varieties of hemp seed for the amazing Australian climates (sub-tropical focus).

Ecofibre’s many relationships have led to the construction of the very first commercial scale hemp-processing mill on Australian soil in over 100 years. The Company has developed promising products for large markets using both hemp hurd and fibre. Their new “pilot” mill will process a minimum of 3,800 tonnes per year by the 3rd year. Once proven Ecofibre plan to build a large 50,000 tonne per annum mill.

Existing markets include hydromulch (hemp has been approved as only one of two recommended for use on roadsides in EILs hometown of Queensland). As to pet-bedding, the new mill will be able to service less than 1/3 of 1% (0.3%) of these markets!

Ecofibre is transitioning from a largely R&D organisation to a pilot manufacturing and commercial entity in the course of fiscal 2006. Ecofibre owns 100% of the following Pty Ltd. Companies: “Hemp Foods Australia”, “Norfolk Hemp Company”, “Fibre Mills Australia”, “Hemp Mulch”. The company has over $2.5million of fully paid share capital.

Your experienced and knowledgeable hemp expert, Paul Benhaim is offering for personal sale only a set-number of my shares in this innovative Company. Why am I selling you may ask? If it is such a good deal then why does he not keep them.

Well, firstly I am not selling all my shares!! I am offering shares in lots of US$10,000 (approx. AU$13,293). Current market value: 1 share = AU$1 (approx. US$0.75) I plan to use funds gained from this sale in other Australian Industrial hemp projects that will benefit the forwarding of the industrial hmp industry AND hopefully Ecofibre as well – they are the best suppliers of fibre!!I believe a win-win situation for all involved – this is the only way for sustainable ventures.

SMALLER AMOUNTS maybe available at a later date – please contact paul direct (paulb@hemp.co.uk) to register your interest.

Australian law prevents Ecofibre selling shares direct to members of thpublic and this is a limited, once-in-a-lifetime offer to be a true part of the Australian Hemp Industry to you – a valid member of the Hemp Food Industries Association.

If you are interested, then please email paul directly

Invest in 100% Biodegradable Hemp Stone (Zelfo)

In 15 years of working with Industrial Hemp there really is no better time to look at investing. The fibre mill is the foundation to the industry and will support all future uses of industrial hemp.

Next is Hemp Stone – you may have heard of this material, patented many years ago in Europe this is 100% fibre based. No glues, no resins, no pressure – purely a novel mechanical process. And the process is not just based on hemp, but any fibre or waste paper can be used to produce a material as “strong as stone”.

Various densities can be produced and it is cheaper than conventional alternatives in numerous applications. Australia has been chosen, after careful consideration of many locations around the world to be the first commercial factory to produce “Zelfo” – this novel material.

A business plan is available now seeking AU$400,000 for a large share in this venture. Only sophisticated investors need apply. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that comes with options to be involved in various parts of the industry.

If you wish to see the business plan then you are invited to state your experience as an investor with your current CV to invest@hempplastic.com.

I am so excited to see the progression of this patent, through laboratory trials, test productions to the first commercially viable factory. This is the first real step taking hemp, in one of its great uses to it’s fullest potential. Go Zelfo!

Hemp Plastics – today and to the future

Recent European Union conferences have shown that Hemp and other natural, sustainable based Plastics is the future. As oil prices rise there will come a time when such materials are cheaper and therefore a better buy that regular oil based petro-chemical plastics.

The question is – can our world wait this long?

Daniel Benhaim, promoter of Hemp Plastics and his brother Paul Benhaim (www.hempmusic.com) think not. Various products have been created in 2005 including a range of high quality digital electronic weigh scales (new 5kg Kitchen Scales now available) and other novelty products.

2006 will see the launch of more products and improved material (biodegradeable injection mouldable hemp plastics coming soon) and we expect a reduction in the manufacturing, and therefore selling price of the raw material.

Hemp Plastic pellets are available immediately for your product. The material can be used in most standard injection moulding machines. We can also produce your injection moulded product (R&D costs apply). Visit www.hempplastic.com and contact us through this site for our full specification sheet.

New Ebay Shop Site launched with hemp food, hemp plastic and other products

Source: Hemp Food Industries Association-Hemp Updates Jan. 10, 2006.

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